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Leadership Academy Level I: Individual Effectiveness Skills

Level I helps your institution achieve sustained superior results by focusing on making individual leaders more effective. The most successful teams and organizations are led and driven by the character, strengths, and talents of their individual members. Developing that strength of character and releasing individual potential is an inside-out process. Level I helps participants explore their values and highest priorities, increase productivity by staying focused on those priorities, improve leadership skills and trust-based relationships, and achieve a healthy work/life balance. Participants will discover that the pursuit of effectiveness will have enduring positive impacts on both their personal and professional lives. This level includes a 360-degree benchmark providing participants with feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports and clear indicators of their top strengths as well as areas to target for improvement.

This offering is open to people in the ERAPPA and SRAPPA regions. We are offering a session that starts later in the day for people within the CAPPA, MAPPA, RMA and PCAPPA regions.

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