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Practical Implementation of APPA 1000™ – Total Cost of Ownership – Parts 1 & 2

Abstract/Description and Four Learning Objectives

Assets can be a piece of equipment to a system, to an entire facility or infrastructure project. Join us as APPA explores that critical importance of the Total Cost of Ownership.  This program is recommended for all levels of the facilities organization allowing everyone to be ‘on the same page’  with a common basic understanding of the goals and benefits. The course will introduce you to the specifics of the APPA 1000™ Total Cost of Ownership principles and how TCO is scalable and applicable to all your assets, from a single asset to your entire portfolio. Participation in this 4-hour session will provide you the tools understand the mandatory aspects of TCO while allowing you to determine the scope of your implementation based on resources available.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be exposed to APPA TCO, the 13 principles and other interrelated concepts.
  2. Participants will gain an understanding of how APPA TCO can help your organization be more effective at making decisions for your organization.
  3. Participants will be taught how to identify the different levels of APPA TCO (basic, mid and complex) and to assess your current organizational/departmental level.
  4. Participants will be guided on how to outline next steps and discuss additional resources available from APPA.

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