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Sustainability Education Forum 2023

June 8 – June 9
Presented by AASHE

Calling all change-makers, forward thinkers and progressive educators! Let’s come together, share our expertise and co-create our emerging future. After years of global disruption, what are the challenges and opportunities for sustainability education as we progress in a post-pandemic world? How do we “fall-forward” on issues related to sustainability teaching and learning in higher education? It is time for us to share, listen and speak about the issues that matter to interdisciplinary sustainability educators.

Are higher education institutions simply reverting to how things were done pre-pandemic or can we use this opportunity to truly redesign systems? Visions for the future – what’s possible and what needs to be done – have adjusted and are recalibrating. New and different voices need to be heard and conversations need to catalyze actionable change. On June 8 and 9, let’s talk with each other, think with each other and respectfully challenge each other’s ideas in order to advance sustainability education across the curriculum.

The Sustainability Education Forum (SEF) will provide space to explore these possibilities and more. Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a forum is “a public meeting place for open discussion” and this is what the SEF offers – a space for authentic conversations, where we can engage as a community and with each other. Throughout the SEF, you will have plenty of chances to exchange ideas and make new professional connections, while gaining inspiration and an opportunity to recharge your own efforts. 

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