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Take Full Control of Your Building’s Wasted Plug-in Energy Use

New technologies have had a significant influence on building automation within commercial real estate. Smart devices incorporating this technology are proving invaluable for controlling, monitoring, and automating individual functions, which include Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and lighting. This in turn is driving the use of increasingly sophisticated Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) to make larger scale impacts.

Plug-in power accounts for over 25% of a building’s entire energy usage* which is certainly significant, but this is currently not incorporated into existing BEMS infrastructure. If you consider that electrical outlets are rarely touched irrespective of whether the connected equipment is in use or not, automated outlet control around building occupancy can be deemed a high-profile target for energy and cost savings.

In this webinar Honeywell will explain how retrofittable BEMS integrated outlet solutions can help identify outlets left on unnecessarily and total enable management through bespoke dashboards. These solutions are designed to completely manage and enable controlled reductions in energy use supporting companies to further achieve sustainability targets.

Furthermore, these solutions offer important safety features, including temperature monitoring and power alarming, providing improved occupancy safety. In combination these added features enable building and business owners to achieve compliance to both safety and key energy regulations including Title 24.

Learning Objectives:

*Overview of existing BEMS (Building and Energy Management System) infrastructure including energy and decarbonization.
*Understanding the level of energy consumption and wastage attributable to plug-in devices through-out commercial, educational, leisure and manufacturing facilities, with real life examples.
*Introduction to the new ability and clear business case to integrate plug-in (small power) into BEMS and the opportunities this offers to fully monitor and manage all plug-in equipment and devices from one building to a multi-site estate.
*Overview of additional other advantages, including occupancy safety, regulation compliance (including Title24), automated maintenance and critical equipment health

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