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The Adaptation of Smart Campus Infrastructure

University leaders and faculty are currently adapting their campuses to accommodate a phased evolution of the workplace. As institutions face a broad range of challenges, from closed facilities to weakened financial positions, the benefits of a smart campus approach to continue operations is top of mind with university leadership. Educational institutions will pivot to new policies, processes and strategies, with an opportunity to create a safer campus experience for students and faculty. Join in this
virtual town hall meeting with a panel of industry experts for a conversation around the adaptation of smart campus infrastructure, where we will discuss:

• Return-to-campus strategies
• Redefining the purpose of campus facilities
• Balancing physical, digital and experiential learning spaces
• Dimensions of student success
• Leveraging existing campus real estate
• Empowering facilities staff with technology engagement
• The role of facilities in student retention, recruitment and enrollment
• Preparing the campus for an uncertain future
• Innovating and transforming educational facilities
• What’s in it for the student

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