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The Expanding Role of Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has been prevalent in the news, but did you know that AI in the energy industry has been around for over 20 years? Over that time, its use has both grown and evolved; however, there are still foundational principles that remain for AI in the energy sector. These principles will be reviewed, along with various practices and uses. Topics to be addressed include:

The use of smart meters and load disaggregation (or non-intrusive load monitoring, NILM), employing machine learning algorithms to identify end use loads through pattern recognition.
Building automation to reduce both the cost of operations and CO 2 emissions.
Smart home automation including electric vehicles coordinated with grid demand.
Management and control of complex grids in the utility sector, matching controllable generation, variable (typically renewable) distributed generation sources and energy storage with the varying loads arising from industrial and commercial users.
Providing insights derived from analyzing massive amounts of data, including predictive maintenance of physical assets for facility systems, to assist facility managers overseeing campuses or portfolios of buildings.
This webinar will present an overview of the advances and opportunities currently being experienced through AI in the energy industry.

Learning Objectives:

*Learn how AI models are developed and trained using “ground truth” data.
*Understand how to measure the success of a model.
*How AI helps manage and control complex grids for utilities.
*How facility managers can gain insights for predictive maintenance of physical assets.

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