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Who gets into college and why does it matter? The impact of college admissions on economic mobility and America’s leaders

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. EDT

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Do colleges act as escalators of upward mobility, or as perpetuators of elite advantage? This question lies at the heart of the current debate over college admissions, especially at highly selective colleges. Such colleges have a double-edged effect on inequality and mobility. On the one hand, their students come predominantly from more privileged backgrounds; on the other, they can potentially provide upward mobility opportunities for those from middle-class and lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

The debate about college admissions has come to the forefront with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to end race-based affirmative action, which has placed the goal of fairer college admissions firmly on the policy agenda. But what exactly does fairness look like, and how would fairer admissions impact our society?  

On July 26, join Governance Studies in the Brookings Institution for a webinar on college admissions reform. This event will focus on new research that leverages big data on college admissions and outcomes to identify policy changes in higher education that could increase the socioeconomic diversity of America’s leaders and increase upward mobility in the United States. Panelists will discuss the implications of this new research and broader questions of college admissions reform. Viewers can submit questions via email to [email protected] or on Twitter @BrookingsGov using #CollegeAdmissions.  

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