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Student Internship Program – Resources

Links & Resources

APPA doesn’t provide any financial support and benefits to APPA interns. Financial assistance and other benefits, instead of or in addition to pay, may be available to APPA interns depending on availability of funds from host institution/organization. The host institution/organization may offer networking/certification opportunities, e.g., sponsoring attendance at networking events, offering participation in workplace and training, etc.

The following forms are provided by APPA to help student interns and host institutions to successfully complete the APPA Student Internship Program. *** Both academic and non-academic internship program participants (host institution and student intern) are required to complete and submit the forms to meet APPA requirements. Download the APPA Student Internship Guidelines.

Additional forms below may be used to assist program participants with the success of the internship program but are not required for submission to APPA.