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APPA Fellow

While most awards recognize past achievements, the APPA Fellow designation brings with it both recognition for specific accomplishments to date, and expectations for continued involvement in APPA’s leadership program through research and mentoring. The Fellow is APPA’s highest individual achievement award.


In order to be eligible for the designation of APPA Fellow, individuals must:

  • Be an employee (including Emeritus) of an active APPA member institution for ten consecutive years.
  • Complete APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management or attain CEFP credential.
  • Complete the APPA Leadership Academy. 
    [Awards & Recognition may waive attendance of the Institute (and/or CEFP designation) and/or the Academy if it deems the applicant’s body of work and education provides the same standard and quality of experience as attendance at these programs. Applicants should affirmatively request a waiver and supply information on their body of work and education as part of the application process.] 
  • Complete a research project under APPA’s Center for Facilities Research – CFaR (Presentation of research at a professional facilities conference is encouraged but not required).
  • Prepare an article accepted for publication by APPA.
  • Provide two references from colleagues in the educational facilities profession that can speak about your successes and dedication to the educational facilities profession.

Please use the checklist above to ensure that you have satisfied all the necessary requirements for APPA Fellow prior to submitting your application.  Proof of graduation from APPA programs is required (copies of certificates serve as proof) and all applications are reviewed by a group of peers of previous Fellow recipients to ensure that they are complete.  APPA Fellow recipients must be approved by the APPA Board of Directors

Past Recipients

2022 – Glen R. Haubold2021 – J. Thomas Becker, P.E., CEFP2020 – No Recipients
2019 – No Recipients2018 – No Recipients2017 – Joseph K. Han & Jeri Ripley King
2016 – John Morris2015 – Glenn Smith2014 – No Recipients
2013 – No Recipients2012 – William M. Elvey2011– Jack K. Colby
2010 – Maggie Kinnaman & Mohammad H. Qayoumi2009 – Alan S. Bigger2008 – No Recipients
2007 – No Recipients2006 – Christopher K. Ahoy, Donald J. Guckert & Gary L. Reynolds2005 – Edward D. Rice
2004Inaugural Recipients: Douglas K. Christensen, William A. Daigneau & Jack Hug