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Pacesetter Award

The Pacesetter Award is designed to encourage participation in APPA among those who have already made significant contributions to their regions or chapters. Up to seven Pacesetter Awards may be given each year.


To be eligible for the Pacesetter Award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Active member of APPA for a minimum of three years.
  2. Active member of their respective chapter/region for a minimum of three years.
  3. Active participation/contributions/accomplishments in regional/chapter meetings and/or other functions of APPA. For example:
    – Leadership in the region (i.e. service on a board, hosting a meeting/conference)
    – Leadership in the chapter (i.e. service on a board, hosting a meeting/conference)
    – Leadership on a host committee (i.e. host committee chair position)
    – Leadership in professional development (organized or hosted local/regional/international APPA events, prepared chapter/regional/international APPA educational sessions)
    – Leadership in advancing the organization (assisted with promotion/marketing activities or coordinated membership drives)
    – Authored articles in regional/chapter/national newsletters, the Body of Knowledge (BOK), authored a book, etc.
    – Served as a regional liaison to APPA
    – Served on an APPA Planning Committee for APPA’s Annual Meeting
    – Participated in code advocacy-related activities or served on the APPA Standards & Codes Council.
    – Liaison to APPA Board, Work Group, or Task Force
    – Other voluntary contributions of time, effort, resources, and leadership abilities to promote and enhance APPA and the educational facilities management profession.
  4. Past recipients cannot be nominated again.

Past Recipients

Kim Case-Nichols

Nicole Sanderson

Ian Hadden
Connie Simmons
Thomas Polansky
Kevin Mann

Jessica Abbott
Markus Hogue
Dave Irvin
Jason R. Wang

Rebecca Griffith 
Robert A. Boyette 
Lee McQueen 
Julius R. Williams 
Michael Hamilton 
Emmet Boyle 
Winnie Kwofie

John Ferris
Dana Gillon
Daniel Wooten

Chris Kopach
James (Jay) Williams Jr.
David Woodson
James Harrod
David Hatch
Lisa Potter
Richard (Rick) Battistoni

Jerry Carlson 
Andrew P. Christ 
Dan Park
Steve Peary 
Dana Peterson 

Bob Andrews 
Greg Clayton 
Tony Guerrero 
Glen Haubold 
Chuck Scott 
Chris Snow
Lindsay Wagner

Lynne Finn
Brandon Baswell
Richard Davis
Chris Eagan
David Handwork
Sue-Anna Miller
Bob Cornero

John Ott 
Rick Storlie 
Michael O’Connor 
Mike Anthony 
Kevin Hansen

Ben Elisondo
Daniel Gearan 
Kristie Kowall
Viron Lynch
Juan Ontiveros
Matthew M. Taylor

Scott Burns
Ruthann Manlet
David Millay
John Wong

Jeri King
Terry Major
Bob McMains
Tommy Moss
Willie Suter
Brian Wormwood


James Barbush
Marion Bracy
Ron Brooks
Michelle Estep-Frederick
Clay Shetler
Mark Shively

Mark Hunter
Nancy Hurt
Fred Long
John P. Morris
Arthur E. Sykes
L. Scott Turley
Keith Woodward

Anita Bailey
David Brixen
Harvey Chace
Darrel Meyer
Frederick W. Plant
Jewell Winn

Kevin Folsom
Craig Bohn
Paul Smith
Al Stoverink

J. Annette Bardouille
Robert J. Carter
Neal R. Swarnes

Christopher K. Ahoy
Brooks H. Baker III
Sam L. Polk
Earl Smith
Tom F. Stepnowski
Mary Vosevich

Robert Bertram
Jeff Buenting
Linda Carter
Terry Ruprecht
L. Wayne White

Don J. Briselden
David A. Cain
Brian Fenn
Donald L. Hufford
Carol Trexler
V. Randall Turpin
Theodore J. Weidner

Vickie DeWitt
Becky Hamilton
Hildo Hernandez
Joseph Kish
Robert Lashaway
Dave Sims