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Sustainability Innovation Award

APPA’s Sustainability Innovation Award in Facilities Management is designed to recognize and promote unique and innovative sustainable practices in educational facilities and campus environments. It is awarded to educational institutions that have implemented a significant or transformative program and/or processes that enhance service delivery, lower costs, create a green and/or sustainable environment, or otherwise benefit the educational institution by supporting student success and environmental stewardship. Award nomination entries must describe either one new program or a significant restructuring of an existing program or process. Recipients will receive special recognition on both APPA’s website and in APPA’s Facilities Manager magazine.

Eligibility Requirements:

The Sustainability Innovation Award is open to any APPA Institutional member in good standing through applying and accepting the award. Multi-campus or state systems may also submit applications for system-wide or individual merit. Up to three submissions will be selected per group. Groups include:

  • Four-year, public institutions or private institutions
  • Community College
  • K-12

Congratulations to our 2023 Sustainability Innovation Award Recipient

University of California, Davis – Small Workplace Automation & Remote Monitoring Program (SWARM)

Past Institutional and Individual Award Recipients