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Meritorious Services Award Application

Deadline: Nominations are now being taken for APPA’s 2024 institutional and individual awards: Award for Excellence, Sustainability Innovation Award, Effective and Innovative Practices Award, APPA Fellow, Meritorious Service Award, and Pacesetter Award. Final submittals for all awards will close January 15, 2024 at 11:59pm EST. Applications received after this time will not be accepted and will need to resubmit the following year, no exceptions.

APPA 2024 Meritorious Service Award

Name of Nominee(Required)
Does the Nominee hold APPA's CEFP Credential?(Required)

APPA / Regional / Chapter Engagement

List positions & offices held by nominee at APPA International.(Required)
List positions & offices held by nominee at APPA Region.
List positions & offices held by nominee at APPA Chapter.

Service / Contributions / Accomplishments

For each section share how the nominee impacted APPA, their region, their chapter or their community.

Submitter Contact Information & Public Relations Contact Information

Name of Submitting Member:(Required)
Email of Submitting Member:(Required)

PLEASE NOTE: You must receive a system-generated email confirming receipt of your submission, or APPA will not consider your application officially submitted. You must contact us at[email protected] before 11:59pm EST on January 15th, if you do not receive an email.