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Operations & Maintenance

Chris Smeds, Dean
University of Virginia

Operations and Maintenance will focus on the current methods and practices in delivering facilities maintenance and grounds care services. The core offerings will combine to provide an overview of maintenance management techniques, principles of building systems maintenance, grounds and custodial services, contracting issues, and plant renewal programs. The electives will provide a more in-depth review of specific maintenance issues such as roof systems, mechanical/electrical systems, recycling, fire and life safety systems, emergency preparedness, and customer relations. Courses will be structured to encourage discussion and audience participation. Completion of the operations and Maintenance section will provide facilities managers with a review of a wide range of facilities and grounds maintenance issues that will be applicable to a variety of situations.


201 Maintenance Management (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Examine the contemporary issues in managing maintenance programs in higher education. Discussion will include the various methods of work identification and processing, work flow in the maintenance organization, and management controls. Performance indicators, organization and staffing, and customer relations will be related in discussions of changing management approaches. Discuss the principles, development, and values of preventive maintenance programs. Review the impact of information systems, financial planning and reporting systems, and various administrative support systems. 

202 Maintenance & Operations of Building Systems (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
This session will present an overview of the basic principles in maintaining and operating the various systems in higher education facilities. The discussion will identify building systems and their components, operating characteristics, and general maintenance practices. This course is intended to provide a basic overview as a foundation for electives that will address more detailed, technical information related to specific facility systems. 

203 Grounds Maintenance Programs (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Examine the basic issues related to an effective grounds maintenance program: turf and plant materials, necessary equipment, organization and staffing requirements, and grounds design guidelines. The presentation will include discussion of staff training and technical requirements, planning and scheduling landscape activities, inspections and quality control, and customer relations. Explore various contracting alternatives.

204 Custodial Services (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Discuss the contemporary approaches to managing an effective custodial services operation. The presentation will include ideas on organization and staffing, equipment and supplies, and employee training. Special issues such as medical waste, hazardous materials, MSDS, and recycling will be included in the discussion. Explore customer relations, quality control, scheduling and shift alternatives, and contract alternatives.

205 Environmental Health & Safety Programs (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
This course will provide a basic overview of plant safety (OSHA, confined space, workers comp, MSDS, shop safety rules) and campus safety including lighting, fire and life safety, and general security. The presentation will also provide an introduction to regulatory compliance issues related to hazardous materials, indoor air quality, clean air, and clean water.

206 Contracting for Maintenance Services (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
This course will present a discussion of the contract alternative, when/why to contract, the types of services that are commonly contracted for, and competition issues in maintenance management. It will include basic contracting principles, various types of procurement methods, and contract administration techniques. Participants will discuss effective service contract experiences.

207 Comprehensive Capital Asset Management (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Examine the basic principles related to the management of capital renewal and deferred maintenance programs. The presentation will introduce facility assessment programs including facility condition inspections, audits, estimating techniques, and reporting formats. Learn the business perspectives on capital renewal programs and an assessment tool for determining overall capital renewal needs. Discuss life-cycle planning.