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APPA Advisors – Organizational Development

Elevating organizational effectiveness and ensuring organizational readiness requires a workforce and leadership team with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful. The facilities profession is facing a shortage of both the technical and soft-skilled workers that are in high demand in today’s market.  Drawing on APPA’s well-established brand of professional development and continuous learning, APPA Advisors can provide an evaluation of your organization’s training needs to ensure your team is prepared for the ever-evolving demands placed on them. The emerging generation of employees in today’s workforce highly value continuous learning and skills development, and will increasingly demand organizations to provide career growth opportunities.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John Kennedy

“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” – Benjamin Franklin

In addition to individual skills development, APPA Advisors prepares organizations for planning and implementing team-based initiatives.  We provide preliminary advice and guidance on such efforts as:

  • pursuing a new work order system,
  • adopting building Fault Detection & Diagnostics,
  • implementing mobile technologies,
  • starting up a building commissioning program,
  • pursuing P3 investment opportunities,
  • preparing facilities renewal plans and strategies,
  • developing cost recovery rates,
  • eliminating embedded budgetary subsidies,
  • staffing for a looming capital construction boom or bust, and
  • other targeted initiatives pursued by the organization.

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Readiness