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APPA Advisors – Organizational Effectiveness

The omnipresent challenge of institutional funding and budgeting has led to an increased need for assessing the outcomes and value of facilities management’s service and stewardship effectiveness. APPA Advisors provides comprehensive evaluations on how well the facilities organizations serve their missions as compared with peers, industry-proven methods, and best practices. 

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

We evaluate strategy, processes and procedures, staffing, organizational structure, service level expectations, data and information systems, collaborative relationships, organizational and unit leadership, budget and financial systems, billing and cost recovery rates, budgetary transparency, risk tolerance, and more in adopting an integrated and systems approach to organizational effectiveness. 

We draw on APPA’s Facilities Performance Indicators database, APPA business partner data and metrics, comparative peer construction costs, and APPA’s library of staffing guidelines to conduct analytic assessments that lead to deeper investigations into evaluating the outcomes and value received for the funding committed by the institution.

Organizational Readiness

Organizational Development