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APPA Advisors – Organizational Readiness

The pandemic experience has rapidly driven the facilities management industry into a future that was inevitable, forcing institutions to rethink the utilization and repurposing of campus space. The Internet of Things, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Operations Technology, and Artificial Intelligence are interdependently accelerating the industry adoption of smart building technology and utilization of cost-saving analytical tools. These emerging technologies along with healthy environment concerns and budgetary pressures are driving facilities organizations to shift from a mindset of “doing more with less” to one of “doing different with less.”

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

Organizational readiness is an assessment on how well your facilities management organization is prepared for major changes and fundamental transformations.  APPA Advisors prepares organizations to take a strategic approach to managing change.  At the core of our analysis is an assessment of the organization’s culture of curiosity and innovation, tolerance for risk, and acceptance of embracing change. 

Our organizational readiness assessment evaluates leadership, organization capacity, staff skills and talent, inter-disciplinary collaboration, and technological infrastructure to provide a strategic framework for preparing for change and for the future. It will prepare your organization to respond to change in ways that will increase productivity, reduce risk, and provide physical environments that enhance the student experience.

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Development