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Survey raw responses: mental health

Unedited responses from APPA’s survey on FM practices during COVID-19, conducted March 2020.

How are you specifically addressing and handling any mental health issues connected to the COVID-19 pandemic?

We remind them of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) services.

We have made contact information available for the various units and agencies that provide these services.  Continue to remind staff to take care.

We offer no cost counseling through the TWU Employee Assistance Program

Our campus has a health center which includes counseling.  We get continuous updates (almost daily) on the status of the virus. We are also getting emails from our campus chaplin and our President for those who want to read them.

Mental counseling via phone through our counseling office.

We are developing online mental health programs on campus to address this specific issue.

Sharing Resources and clarifying policies around time off from work in case of COVID-19 related mental stress.

We have an employee assistance plan as well as an additional 80 hours of leave available to use for any reason related to COVID including feelings of anxiety, stress, etc.

We refer them to the Employee assistance program.

General notice of mental health services through Human Resources.

We operate 3 energy plants on campus.  My folks are qualified and do rotate between the 3 plants normally.  With this, we are keeping specific groups to each plant just to limit cross contamination.  If this breaks out in our group it would be quite challenging to keep the machine running.

No cost employee assistance program for counseling services.

HR has an EAP (Employee Assist Program) which includes counseling.  I have changed my open door policy to an open warehouse policy to talk one to one from a safe distance.  The supervisors of the shops are daily messaging the need for all of us to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.  We have relaxed the criteria for using sick leave.

Employee Assistance Plan.

The university’s counseling center is conducting a weekly zoom class. In addition we have a dedicated team that offers individual tele-counseling sessions to employees.  The university also has a website with links to various resources for both students and employees.

Our school provides mental health professionals for issues connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We also have a weekly zoom meeting to discuss upcoming work schedules and any outside contractor that may need access to the building.

Simply referring them to Employee Assistance services available through university benefits.

The University has always offered mental health services to faculty, staff and students.  We have ramped up the advertising of those services, but with the extreme social distancing measures, those consults occur over the phone or over zoom at this time.  We offer up to 5 sessions of covered counseling sessions with a mental health professional in our normal benefit package, and under these extreme circumstances, that may be increased.

Our university is offering virtual mental health counseling services.  Furthermore, we offer a multitude of ways for our community to stay connected in hopes it helps reduce isolation and fears such as group exercise classes, virtual Learning, enrichment, and performances all via Zoom.

Referrals thru employee assistance program.

We have internal mental health services offered directly online and by phone at our college.

Our wellness team, counselling is available on-line and medical help is available at a nearby clinic.

Reminding them we have an employee assistance program that has a mental health benefit.

State-wide employee mental health services and hotlines, and on-campus counselling and psychological services department (normally aimed at students, but opened up for all employees as well).

We have a very limited FM staff.  We have tele medicine – physical and mental.

Being more deliberate in referring staff to existing resources. Being deliberate in promoting additional resources available from HR.

This a University wide program being coordinated through our Campus Human Resources department.

HR department has this process.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program for all full-time and full-time interim employees, their spouses, children and anyone living in the household (excluding MHS students) and includes a network of services to help you and your household family members cope with everyday life issues.

We are doing physical bending/ stretching each day to center and focus our team, providing the University’s update on COVID daily.  Our employee health specialist reviewed the company EAP program, and our supervisors have been checking in and encouraging staff to take time off when needed and not work overtime if unnecessary.

Home wood Health family assistance program.

Our university counseling services department has been made available to all.  We have also partnered with our local community counseling services for additional support.

We are reminding staff that we have an Employee assistance program for all employees and family.

Only referring staff to HR.

Our employee resource program is available for individual counseling by phone.

COVID-19 Employee Resource Center   Monday, March 30, 2020   As the COVID 19 situation continues to evolve daily, we know team members have a lot of questions during this uncertain time. To provide support to all of our team members, Children’s Health has launched an Employee Resource Center.   The Employee Resource Center is staffed by representatives from Human Resources, Occupational Health and Information Services who are available to answer your COVID-19-related questions either through online chat at or by phone at 469-488-2020.   Representatives are available Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.   As a reminder, additional COVID-19 information and resources can also be found on ChildNet 2.0 and   We hope this resource will be useful for our team members as we continue to navigate this unprecedented situation.  ​​

This is being offered/handled by our HR team.

Referral to off-site agency.

Campus wide employee assistance programs are available.

University has a contract with ComPsych Guidance Resources which has a specific Coronavirus Toolkit and Webinar.  They also have other services related to mental health counseling.

We have a robust EAP for employees. We are also rotating staff on and off site to allow rest and recharge time.

Our health professionals provide contact information and resources.

There are services provided as necessary and they are covered by insurance.

Via our health insurance.

They can discuss issues with our mental health dept. if they would like to, I do not know if anyone has used the services as of yet.

Asking to contact on campus services and also educating staff on what is available nationally.

The University and our VP sends daily emails, we instruct staff to call ask a nurse or employee assistance and also our health service mental health hotline.

There is some online mental health counseling. I’ve seen some emails but have not inquired about them.

We have set up a contact 24-hour helpline with medical and HR staff to assist with questions and concerns.  We are also directing staff to our EAP program.

Employee Assistance Program with Homewood Health.

Through our Campus wellbeing initiative.

School has mental health professionals available via phone, zoom, email, text to be able to address any needs they may have.

Updates a min of twice a week to all staff.

HR message to all and reinforced by leaders and supervisors.

We have counseling services available at all times. Now, they’re virtual or by phone, rather than in person.

Employees should contact HR.

EAP Programs through HR department.

Consultation with professionals offered – Telemedicine.  Offering PTO (Paid Time Off) to stressed staff.

Special counseling programs available.

Employee Assistance Program is still in place.

Employee assistance program, tele-medicine and supervisor screening.

Offering access to our employee assistance program and access to student services for students who cannot leave residence.

Through both our Human Resources Department and Environmental Health and Safety as well as EAP.

University Employee Assistance Program; also many health & wellness video trainings on the Learning Resource Network. Supervisors are also regularly checking in with employees, asking how they’re doing and if they want/need to talk about non-work-related things.

University is offering everyone a call in hotline resource.  Mental health providers are working online.  Frequent communications in an attempt to keep people informed.

We are communicating that we have an Employee Assistance Program available for consulting.

Wellness check-ins, our learning and development team has shifted to employee support and is working on standing up an employee hotline for questions, our EAP has moved to virtual assistance, etc.

Mental health hotlines and information specific wellness program.

Employee Assistance Program is available


University EAP office.

University provides mental health call support for all employees.

Internal Counseling is available.

Several on-line resources have been communicated.

We’re providing zoom meetings and one to one calls.

Human Resources has, and continues to promote the Employee Assistance Program, which has direct connections to a variety of professionals.

Employee Health is available.

Checking in on the staff. Sharing all the University available resources such as online meditation sessions, counseling, etc.  Supervisors reach out to each employee to ensure staff are part of the community even while away.

Through HR. The EAP.

Regular HR mental health support through 3rd party vendor.


3rd parry employee assistance program is being offered to all employment groups.

Reference to Employ Assistance Program.

Sharing local information that some team members may have missed such as how local schools are providing food to school children, special shopping hours for seniors etc.  Our HR dept. has also signed up dept. directors to an HR resource firm to get the latest guidelines put out by government agencies and online resource training specific to this pandemic.  Simply checking on the team by listening and talking. Putting work second.

Employees are directed to HR which in return provides the employee with various options.

Our employees have access to an employee assistance program, opportunity to stay home, opportunity to voice concerns while being essential staff, etc.

Free meetings via Zoom with our Employee Assistance Vendor.  Free one-on-one sessions via Zoom with qualified caregivers from our Employee Assistance Vendor.  Weekly Town Hall/Q&A Meetings with the President, his cabinet, and other key personnel.  Zoom groups for socializing that meet regularly and are focused on a certain topic, like how to work from home with kids or how to stay healthy at home.

Existing university assistance resources.

Standard EAP offerings, flexible scheduling to address family needs, significantly reduced outside contractor/visitor access, full building lockdowns after general deep-clean so that they don’t have to worry about who else has been there.

Currently we are mandating online training while the teams are home on their “off” weeks. The training is offered through Safe Colleges.

Our health insurance provider has offered additional web based EAP benefits to all employees.

Pushing messages about our EAP, Employee Assistance Program as well as our in house counseling options that have switched to remote.  We are also checking in with staff daily.

A weekly email goes out about all things related to the current situation. That email also contains information about physical and mental health and were to go for questions about either one.

The University has a crisis group regularly for Mental and Stress driven events in our lives that can be accessed by all staff.  There has been many emails out to staff reminding them of the services provided to them and urging them to use the services.

Employee Assistance Program, unemployment, paying for insurance coverage when employees have zero hours.

Referring employees to EAP, Employee Assistance Program, and providing weekly newsletter with online resources.

Our HR team has an external source on contract for these services on an as needed basis.

We have provided a 1-800 number for staff to call.

By changing our work schedule, staggered work weeks allows for working parents to plan for child care options, helping to elevate any logistical problems that may be challenging their home life.  Also stressed the importance of reaching out to our HR Department for any other questions regarding this pandemic.

We have an EFAP – Employee and Family Assistance Program – people can call for free counselling and services for themselves or immediate family for free. Staff are getting full pay yet working a reduced schedule to avoid coming into contact with each other.  Supervisors are calling people to check in for a personal touch when the staff are not here or working from home.

Through our University System HR department external programs for employee support.

We have an Employee Assistance Program that offers 10 free counseling sessions a year.  We’re not doing anything extra due to the pandemic

Employee mental health counseling service availability has been expanded and aggressively communicated.

Nothing outside of our normal resources available to all faculty/staff.

The University is reminding staff about EAP support, and mental health services offered through our health care provider. Also encouraging supervisors to check in with their teams often through video conferencing to help mitigate feelings of isolation.

Through our benefits office Employee Assistance Program.

We established an ’employee assistance program’ (EAP) some years ago with a 24/7 hotline access.

Counseling hotlines.  Virtual counseling sessions.

Advertising resources available to University workers in need.

Our university already has support benefits available to all employees, including free and confidential counseling, etc. – we are reminding everyone that this benefit is available to them at no cost, is completely confidential, etc.

Separating staff to work in different areas. Staying out of areas where students are still at on campus (dorms and Apartments).

In addition to existing counseling programs, we have: Wellness center offering online wellness classes. More frequent discussion in zoom meetings about how each other are doing. In-person small group sessions with senior leader, HR, MD, and EHS. Virtual town hall meetings with senior administrators and open forum meetings on working from home.

Through our Health Clinic.

University wide agency.

Through our benefits program, employees can avail themselves to our employee assistance program. (EAP).

Informing them of the on campus services.

Providing resources to staff on the university’s employee assistance program.

EAP Programs, emphasized to our staff in communication.

Our CAPS, Counseling and Psychological Services sends out emails reminding employees acknowledging that we might suffer from the social and therefore emotional distancing due to differing conditions.  They provide us with signs of emotional distress and list resources.  They provide comforting reassurance that we will rebound.

Employee’s Assistance Program, Ombuds, etc.

Employee benefits provides assistance helpline.

Teledoc resources for mental health Free mental health visits mental health time off.

Recommending the state EAP to staff as needed. Management availability on site for employees has helped some. Addressing as many concerns as possible is good.  ATP testing for areas where people are concerned has allowed some mental relief by showing them the results.

Counseling services through our EAP provider.

Our Employee Assistance Program is available to all employees 24/7.  We also have health professionals on-site in the event of illness or injury.

Presumably yes, but I have no specific knowledge of them.  We have a Covid-19 hotline, which links people to various departments, including health services.

Our EAP program.

Employee health services.

Employee assistance program has online/phone mental health resources.

Our benefits package includes access to these services through the Employee Assistance Program.  We are encouraging our community members to seek resources available to them during this time.

Daily check in’s with the team as well as individual check in’s. We offered “stay at home” if staff requested. Plan B is contract facilities services if needed. Ensuring staff understand option to work onsite or stay home.

Managers checking with staff daily, staff with concerns do not have to work, encouraged to use College Employee Assistance Program.

All crews are doing daily check-ins using video-conferencing or call-in in order to maintain engagement and ensure our people feel connected.  We are referring our staff the extensive mental health supports provided by the University and the Provincial government.

Mental health first aiders are available via phone or email to assist students with issues related to COVID-19.

The Campus Counseling Center is open.

Employee Assistance Program/Life Matters website:  Some services are limited.

Mental health services are available through the college’s employee assistance plan and through our counseling center.

We have on-staff counselors as well as third-party EAP providers.

Nothing additional, but reminding the staff of our EAP services.

Access to our EAP and other health and counseling related services.  This is definitely an area we could do more.  Just being able to flex our staff’s shifts and give them space went a long way.

Through employee wellness benefits.

Pushing out information from the University’s EAP, and providing contact information for virtual appointments.

EAP resources already available – extended marketing to staff of these resources as needed.

The college has an employee assistance plan and a chaplain that has made herself available virtually.  We are also scheduling periodic meetings with the individual groups with me and HR so they can voice concerns and HR is available by phone anytime to anyone individually or as a group.

Making EAP resources more prominent and encouraging their use.

HR can steer employees to mental health resources.

Provincial resources/links.

Telemedicine connection to mental health officials and mental heal hotline.

Personal counselling benefits have been expanded.

Our on campus counseling center is available to any employee that would like to take advantage of their services.

Employee and family assistance Program online training.

We have resources on campus with our mental wellness providers, we have an Employee Assistance Program as part of our employee benefit package that is offering assistance.

Employee Assistance Program offers hotlines for mental emergencies and questions, counseling. Counseling services provided via phone at this time. Tacoma Pierce County Health Department is providing the same.

Some staff are experiencing added stress due to daycare challenges. We are allowing these staff to work from home.

We have a reading library and they can contact their EAP reps.

Teammates can contact our normal mental health resources.

Referred to assistance through the EAP or Employee Assistance Plan.

Via our standard counseling services but there has been no concentrated effort as of yet for this specific situation.   Our staff is being paid, those on site are being paid double time, so that helps a good deal with the financial stress.

Referring our staff to the employee assistance program that help employees navigate the process for mental health needs.

Touching base with each staff person, use of social media, access to Wellness healthcare, continued full pay, no staff are allowed on campus without prior approval (100% shut down)!until May 5.

All employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that the university provides free of charge.  If they have concerns we are asking them to speak with those folks or a medical professional on campus.

With more than 33,000 employees, the University staffs resources that are available 24/7.

The service is offered by the college through the normal counseling services. However, they created a “Hotline” and employed graduating seniors to ensure enough staffing. Also, they have made campus wide and community wide campaigning to notify the campus and local citizens of the service.

Our Employee assistance program Lifeworks has tools and resources including counselling.

This is offered through our Covid-19 Response team and HR.

Referring them and highlighting our Employee Assistance Programs/Resources which have numerous on line and consulting options for mental health; doing much more communicating to get accurate information to all of the team (having good information helps alleviate fears), having managers and mentors reach out to employees particularly when they are working from home, checking in on them, etc.

Employee Assistance Program which is part of their benefit package, daily Chaplain offers messages and weekly virtual chapel.

Our university had psychological services already available.

Provide consoling through current program.

Staff have open access to mental health care providers, provided at no cost.

Our campus provides access to mental health professionals as normal course. We have reminded all school employees that they remain available and provided various ways to be able to contact them.

Our college staff rep council is taking the lead on providing resources.

The University has emailed all staff with instructions how to access the EAP offerings within our health insurance.

HR sends out notices with links to website resources.

We are promoting our company health benefits, EFAP as well as providing wellness counselling over the phone.

Through our EAP program.

The campus has a contractor with an outside entity to provide this services. Contacts were emailed to all staff.

These are part of our Employee Assistance Program.

Emails and postings to staff.

Access to counseling phone #’s and websites.

Employee Assistance Program (campus resource) is referenced to employees.

Our university provides counseling services to all employees year round and they can take advantage of this currently.

Through our Health Insurance providers.

We have a service close to campus. Blomquist Hale mental health is available to all employees.

Enhanced mental health programs through insurance health care provider In House Medical Team providing enhanced programs for staff HR has several mental health, working from home, exerciser, and chat sites for staff to engage.

The University’s on-campus health and counseling clinics are offering virtual or phone visits to anybody who wants to talk.  The fitness center has released some links to ideas on managing stress.

Directing staff to our HR for counseling information.   Allowing staff who have heightened concerns, need to provide assistance with childcare or underlying health concerns to be away from the campus without use of vacation, personal or sick leave.  Have gone to a work from home scenario with trades staff performing building checks 2 times per week.   2 electricians, 2 plumbers, 2 BMW and 4 HVAC staff per assigned day, rotating through department staff that were available.   Limited interaction on the part of the staff on a campus working from home.

Working with Student Support Services and our Mental Health teams, making all resources available. Additionally, daily “coffee meetings” via Zoom. Also, we are conducting weekly team meetings to allow open discussion of COVID19 concerns. We will have a Departmental meeting on April 1 (IT tells me they can support us) to have a COVID 19 Q&A session. Additionally, I’ve directed all leaders to reach out to their individual team members on at least an every-other day basis. Reach out is specifically to include those on any category of leave without pay (e.g. maternity and paternity leave).


We offer a 3rd party service anyone can call to get support on a variety of issues or concerns.

Emails have been sent out to employees with any questions.

Mental health care is being offered via the University.

The University had sent campus-wide announcements that the counseling center is available should anyone need assistance.

We have a 3rd party employee assistance program available to employees for mental health services, and provide a daily newsletter to employees to keep them informed and up to date.

Just our normal EAP.

Sindecuse health center is available for counseling.

Continue to offer assistance through the Employee Assistance Program.  They are available to provide support over telephones or WebEx, if needed.

We are advertising our Employee Assistance Program.

It’s handled through our Employee Assistance Program (free sessions with counselors, etc.).

We have a company they can call to set up counseling through our insurance.

Not formally. Supervisors are reaching out on a regular basis to check in with staff that are not reporting to work. Email and text messages are sent out to offer a venue to share concerns, positive ideas and vent frustrations.

Highlighting already available mental health services.  Regular reporting about the status of the campus so people know what is happening.

We have always had in place an Employee Assistance Program. Our HR office is sending out reminders about its availability.

University Counseling Center is available to staff who need it.  Communications have also been sent out with links to resources available, including tips on how to manage stress and anxiety, etc.

We are using our Employee Assistance program and our Teledoc program.

Daily check in by supervisor and EAP is always available.  Weekly communication from Director to staff.

University Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a standard benefit.

We have services available to all.  This service has been in-place for over 2-weeks now. The service is via telephone, internet, but face-to-face services are on-hold.

The University provides an EAP program EMOTIONAL WELL BEING E4 Health offers up to six (6) sessions of confidential counseling for faculty and staff, their family members and household members. Call 24/7 For support with issues including: Relationship Difficulties –  Mental Health Concerns –  Life Cycle Events –  Grief and Loss –  Addiction –  Stress –  Family.

Just awareness of resources available thru our central HR and reminders that those resources are available.

We are offering the Employee Assistance (EA) to employees who feel they are suffering from mental health distress.

There are on line meetings and discussions being offered for all employees to talk about their concerns and fears.  They are also offering online group yoga sessions.

We are utilizing our EAP or Employment Health benefit where they can talk with a councilor through mental issues. The University has been fairly good to employees allowing them to stay home where there is a concern without the fear of losing benefits.

We have our normal Emergency Assistance program through Aetna, our Health Center nurses are available for calls.

Our mental health office is not on campus, but is available to all faculty, staff and students during the pandemic.  Their daily operations cover the students, but they have expanded their efforts to help all the campus community.

Employee Assistance Program.

Advertised and encouraged use and availability of the staff Health and Wellness services which include mental health support.

State employee mental health services/hotline, and on-campus counseling and psychological services.

Our school is tied to a community support organization that offers food pantry, drug and alcohol treatment and other social services.  All employees are given information and access to these services.

We have an Employee Assistance Program that any employee can use for the first three times each year for free to speak with counselors and professionals.

Through our group medical insurer they continue to offer counseling services and have prepared a series of online lectures to discuss issues such as isolation, potential pay discontinuance, etc.  Our on campus mental health center is still open and staffed 8 hours a day, they can be reached by e-mail, phone or in person.

EAP resources.

Free psychiatric consultation.

We already had a counseling service available for staff, an Employee Assistance Program.

We re-communicated the EAP program assistance and our University Counseling Center is available to visit with faculty staff and students over the phone even if they are no longer on campus.

EAP employee assistance program.

University HR.

We have our standard suite of Employee Assistance available (as at all times).

My employer offers EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services through the Counseling and Health Center.  I announce this to the team regularly that this resource is available.

We have a Family Employee Assistance Program (FEAP).

Health Center on campus.

Several avenues of access to support, including the central Employee Assistance Division resource.

Multiple emails from HR about our behavioral health benefits and how to contact them.

We have an EHP plan normally that is anonymous for employee mental health.  Now instead of in-person visits with a counselor, we are providing phone access, and have been promoting this availability in all correspondence.

An email was distributed to offer by the university.

Offering EAP.

We are offering tele-therapy through our health care provider.

It is part of our normal health plan, mental health services are provided. We are also checking in with our team members regularly to see how they are feeling in general, physically and mentally.

The university’s Employee Assistance Program.

EAP and other programs Web links, email communications, articles and other information from campus and supervisors.

We are working with on campus mental health staff.  Through our normal EAP program any staff member has access to this staff.  We have also ask that a campus mental health professional join many of our Zoom meetings to offer some inspirational discussion as part of the meeting.

Through our health insurance provider, employees are able to participate in the employee assistance program which offers mental health counseling services.

Our campus counseling center is available as well as a telephone based EAP. We are using MS Kaizala to communicate directly to staff about these resources.

HR has support services.

We have an Aetna Health wellness hotline and they can call and get set up for free with local resources.

Through the HR office (Employee Assistance Program).

College EAP.

HR has been providing resources.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through our existing provider.

Education, communication, access to professional resources.

Handled through Employee assistance program and University Health Center.

Offering the EAP.

Allow people to go home with pay if they feel at risk.  Counseling services are available.

We have a behavioral health hotline available to all employees as part of our standard practice, this was not implemented because of Covid-19.

Full EAP program is available on line and in person.

UVA has a standing 24 hour help line available to all employees.

Offering EAP assistance through our provider.

Time off.

Counselors are available.

Our counseling services department is sending out information and is offering counseling remotely.

We have a very robust Employee Assistance Program that has counselors on call.

SEAP counseling.

Several resources available to them.

Offer counseling through the campus counseling center.   Aetna offers counseling.

We have an EAP department here that can help with issues that may arise.

We have a doctor on call app for anyone who needs counseling or physical medical needs.

We remind and encourage staff to use our Employee Assistance Program which offers a variety of mental health services such as in-person counseling.  There are also staff health resources that are available by appointment.

Our HR department is continuously communicating employee assistance programs to include mental health.

Offering EAP.

Centrally provided by University as well as regularly communicating and asking supervisors in contact with staff to gauge their conditions.

Providing info on employee assistance programs.

Our standard outreach services.

Our president has sent out emails containing available resources to our staff, faculty and students.

We are currently working with essential staff only and some of them are only as needed.   We have put out messages regarding our Employee Family Assistance program and resources available from them.

The university provides resources.

Work as usual. If they have a reason to stay home they can but need to use time.

Counseling services are available.

Since our State is under a stay at home order, we have about 10 out of 500 facility staff coming to campus for essential services – power plant and check buildings. Some employees leave banks will be exhausted and go on no-pay. We have offered remote counseling services for these and any employee. As of today, with 3 positive cases and one fatality in our student population, that has caused additional anxiety.

Providing Awareness and Campus help line.

Student counseling is available, nothing for staff.

University’s employee assistance program for counseling.

Providing counselling on line and through the school support staff

HR has offered help via tele-counseling associated with the health insurance.

Telemedicine counselors available.

EAP program through HR. Extended leaves, use of sick time without any notes or docs.

Advising them how to reach out to these professionals.

AIG and Medical personnel are available to talk and answer questions.

EPA is available to all staff members.

There are services at our health center posted and also access to the mental health agencies of the employee medical plan benefit. Those were sent to all thru the list serve by HR. Any concerns or need of this type of assistance to include counseling for employee or a family member goes through to the clinic or HR. Re-educating employees about these services started last week.

Standard employee mental health benefits.

Free mental health consults and visits are part of our healthcare plan but employees don’t need to be on our plan, for themselves or their families to take advantage.

Referring to EAP.

Just reminding staff of the available options we always have.

I don’t know the details but this service is managed by our HR department.

Our in place staff assistance.

Resources from corporation that FM services is outsourced to.

Employees have the option to contact service by phone.

Encouraging seeking counseling, etc.

Our university offers an Employee Assistance Program.

Comprehensive Employee and Family Assistance Plan which provides remote professional services.  Employees are well aware of its services.

EAP offerings, liberal with how they use time off.

A help line is up and running an administered by central HR.

The EAP is still operating.  Facilities employees were given the option of not working during this time.

EAP and wellness opportunities.

Employee assistance program – Safety toolbox talks.

Staff services is offering counseling.

Employees Assistance Program, each employee has this as a benefit.

Frequent communications, access to extensive array of existing support options.

Regular Updates, links to virtual mental health resources.

Staff have been provided with a list of mental health resources that can largely be accessed on line.   Daily follow up with all direct reports, with a check in.

Same service that was offered prior to COVID-19.

EAP Programs.

Heath plan emphasizing behavioral assistance and consulting.

Reminder in communication about mental health supports available as an employee benefit.

The University’s employee assistance program remains available to all employees and all employees are encouraged to reach out.

The University’s employee assistance program continues to be a resource for these employee needs.

Typical Employee Assistance Program.

Our Human Resources team has provided all employees, not just Facilities staff, with resources for mental health through an anonymous, confidential, telephonic counseling service.

Our EAP program is alive and well with phone consultation capabilities.

The university is offering counseling services to employees on a needs basis.

On 3-18-20 the Director of Employee Assistance Program & Training Center sent all staff an email stating their counselors and staff are working remotely and may be contacted by phone, email, or online appointment for any questions, concerns, or needs.

The university has a resource set up for employees and the family members.

Staff received information (via email and on the HR website) on the health and mental health services the school’s insurance company provides, and how to access those services.

Our Employee Assistance Program is available for these issues.

Employee assistance program.

HR has a firm contracted to provide these services.

Campus has an Employee Assistance Program that staff can avail.

The University Counseling Center is working online. We have issued documents to our employees that have been given to the University by the local health department with tips on how to manage stress and anxiety. Our benefits have excellent mental health coverage.

We have communicated to our faculty and staff the resources that we have available for handling mental health issues including our Employee Assistance Program and our campus Counseling Services.

Offer employee assistance help line.