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Survey raw responses: ramp up services after COVID-19

Unedited responses from APPA’s survey on Grounds/Landscaping, conducted April 2020.

How do you plan to ramp up grounds/landscaping services and staffing after COVID-19?

Once PA state safety guidelines are relaxed we will be able to utilize our landscape term service vendors to support our project work
No change other than to re-commence project work
Return to our full week schedule.  Potentially adding temporary staffing.
I foresee many of the protocols we have now as lasting for this entire season. My hope is that we have effective therapeutics or a vaccine by the time we transition to snow removal again in the fall.
We will resume full staffing levels as soon as restrictions are lifted.
Review as needed
Landscaping should be stable during/after due to contract. In-house crew should have additional employee based on prior staffing levels, but hiring has been frozen. This presents a challenge and as of now, we may need to sacrifice our level of appearance if we cannot recruit immediately.
Prioritizing work.
Stay 100% as is.
We will have to push really hard to get back to where we were. It may take a year or more to recover since we have not pre-emerged or fertilized as we normally would.  We may have to lower our standards a bit to get it all done.
We would like to increase our staffing level at any point.  Our staffing problem is not as a result of COVID-19, at least not as of now.  Other factors have chiefly caused this issue.  I don’t know that COVID-19 will cause any ramp up until these other factors improve.
Everyone comes in and takes care of their assigned areas.
No change.
Small team so we will get back to 100% within hours of being able to.
Depending on recommendations, we will stagger arrival, lunch and break times to accommodate and limit the social interaction of staff.
We will be working on all our hardscape issues.
There will be a period when we need to increase staff to get caught up.
We may need contract assistance to get athletic fields ready for sports; the work load may be too great and beyond our capabilities depending on the amount of damage.
We will likely make do with reduced service for the remainder of this year, and re-engage in 2021.
50% staffing on split shifts.
No changes, unless dictated by impending significant budget cuts.
Will be behind and will spend more money and time to bring grounds back.
We do not plan on reducing services.
Add students.
Hopefully we stay staffed during and after the COVID-19.
Because of the upcoming growing season, I would like to be at full staff at the beginning of June.  I plan to present a ramp up plan to senior leadership for consideration in the beginning of May.
We will likely recall the entire unit when we receive the green light.
By restoring staff to full capacity, using an increased student work force and potentially using contractor assistance.
That will greatly depend on the state and local regulations.
We are currently at full staffing….we may not be able to continue to support full staffing levels through COVID-19 due to financial uncertainty. Cuts and layoffs may be in our future.
We plan to continue social distancing and will start to phase our staff in a couple at a time.
We still considering our options.
There is no plan, hopefully it will not be necessary.
We will progressively switch from rotating small groups for mowing, to the full crew coming into mow.
We should have this place ready for action upon everyone’s return.
Follow new guidelines and bring in all the people we can.
We do not anticipate needing to ‘ramp up’ staff as we are completing services on a regular basis while maintaining social distancing.
Redirect some of the maintenance folks into the grounds area.
Have staff report back to work – changes will be based on government recommendations for the workplace.
Gradually increase staff and continue to stagger report times.
No more hiring. Freeze positions.
Assuming this means fall of 2020, we still plan on having staff follow COVID-19 compliant work H&S procedures until a vaccination program is implemented.  We will gradually begin with split shifts to prevent entire work force isolation.
Again, hopefully can bring student help back and return the crew to everyone working each week, like normal.
We had a loss of many greenhouse plants, so the campus will not have the summer color we usually do.  Our budget does not allow, for the most part, us to replace the dead/damaged plants.  We are looking at bringing the grounds staff back as soon as the stay at home is lifted.
Return any furloughed or laid off staff to work.
We are looking at staggering our shifts.
Follow state recommendations, administratively, and follow guidelines by the CDC, and AIHA for worker protections.
We will be at 100% with no one working from home.
We have a hiring freeze and will fill these positions once we get through this downturn.
We will continue as normal.
Unlikely that we will be able to bring on additional staff.
Will go back to standard levels of service on all campuses
Team members will be allowed to work overtime to restore the campus grounds when the college allows students, faculty, and staff to return to campus.
We will start to bring back staff once the campus closure has been lifted.
We are trying to keep things as normal as possible.
Now we are at 25% employees, moving to 50% next week.
Maintain for now and as things open up work to get back to the finer work.
More screening and testing.
Pretty much the same but following health official and university guidelines with safety.
Continue as close to normal as possible but continue to follow proper guidelines.
We would like to continue with the plans we have for Landscape personnel and services.
Regular schedules.
Continue with the current scope, and continually add scope until we return to a full-scale operation (probably 30 days).
A conjunction of scheduled overtime for department staff and possibly outsourcing of maintenance activities as well.
Regular FT staff will return to their full schedule; teams will resume responsibilities and combine some of their work in service of all of campus landscapes and sport fields; don’t know yet about student employees, am concerned this budget could be dramatically reduced or none at all; student employees have made up 180-200+/week of our labor force.
Remove 4 hour shift restriction.  Add part time workers back.
Contracted workers will be brought in.
Minor increase in supplemental student grounds workers.  Enough time allowed to prepare athletic fields and courts for use (lining and sports equipment placement).  Place outdoor tables and chairs from storage.
We do not know our restrictions yet. Once we do we will plan accordingly. We are In a complete shut down for the most part. Michigan has a VERY aggressive stay at home order.
To be determined.
Hopefully we will get to hire some employees.
Hire /Bring back (14) students workers.
We are active now.  No requirement to ramp anything up.
Same as pre COVID-19, possibly some additional casual staff.
Landscape employees are being paid and retained during COVID-19.
Should not be a significant effort.
Dependent upon need as a reflection of the re-opening of the campus.
50% crew on split shifts.
Business as usual.
Who can say? I don’t believe society will not behave the same as it did before all of this. Thus I am not fully able to answer with any sort of expectation. I know this, my team and I are a tough and confident group who believe in who we are and the value we provide, so once COVID-19 passes we will get back to work and continue having the best looking urban campus in the US.
We’ll still be implementing COVID-19 safety protocols and use barriers to help Groundskeepers work safely by keeping distancing themselves from people.  We’ll need to also have them use PPE masks to help reduce post COVID-19 infections.
After our year end July 1st.
We do not need to because we are already at full staff.
We are striving for as little drop in services as possible, but we expect a heavy dose of moves and event setups to come once COVID-19 is over.
Same as now
No change.  Work load is normal.
July will be the ramp up timeframe with students projected to return in August.
There is no plan to ramp up.  There is a hiring freeze and we have a vacancy, so we will be short-handed as things return to normal.
We had no specific reduction in personnel except a few with underlying conditions were temporarily assigned other duties or elected to take personnel leave.
Expect full staffing after stay at home order rescinded.
Once shelter in place is over will follow state guidelines as to restarting.
Much of that depends on when we return to “normal” and what time of year it is.  We really haven’t seen a change in grounds right now but we will if our hiring freeze and moratorium on temp labor continues.
Currently devising plans.
Scheduling will go to full 40 hours with alternative scheduling spread out from M-Sunday instead of concentrated in M-F to minimize staff on site.  Start and end times will be altered.  Social distancing will be planned for.  Meetings will be altered to include additional mediums with more extensive use of email communication first and then follow-up discussions.  Communication will include more phone, radio, and text contact.
Normal ops.
Normal ramp up.
We will go back to full staffing 5 days a week, and probably get as many contractors, staff into weed control because that and mowing are the main things that are lacking.
We will Increase seasonal work assignments depending on when we are allowed to return to full duty. The main challenge appears to be how to keep workers continuing to wash/sanitize hands and do their jobs while maintaining social distances.
Standard practice in place.
The entire team will come back and collectively continue their daily work efforts.
Continue services
Return to normal staffing levels.
All depends on when shelters at home is relaxed.  We expect normal summer operations would be in place with our schools closed to students as normal (K-12) this summer. That will give us the opportunity to catch up.
Undecided.  But anticipate increasing crew size, but may continue with staggered start times and use of current PPE protocols.
I expect all staff to return.
Unsure at this time.
Following CDC guidelines, we will bring staff in.
Not sure there is one with a hiring freeze.
Hopefully we will not be too far behind and can proceed with business as usual.
Although we have departmental responsibilities to campus, our work priorities will likely be shifted based on the greater needs of the campus community. For example, spending restrictions have already been implemented that affect the department. Along the same lines, the shift to online course work has resulted in a significant reduction in students present on campus. Summer staffing relies heavily on the availability of a student work force that may be significantly depleted.
If we carry out the slow ramp up plan noted above, it will be a logical extension to bring the entire staff back at some point in time (in concert with start lifting of restrictions).
Just a return to normal operations. We are trying to keep up through this so that getting back on track will be seamless.
May supplement staff with outside vendor.
Bring all our staff back to  campus and hire some temporary help if funding allows.
Bring both shifts together. Inspect the campus as a whole, take care of high-visible and Brass locations, and have all Crew leaders make notes covering their areas of responsibilities.
The plan is to have the entire staff report May 4, but at strategic locations and maintain a safe social distance from others.
As a public institution, we will take the lead from our state and local health agencies, and direction from the governor.
We won’t, we will continue with our normal procedures and processes.
We are continuing to work.
Staggered start times and break times to avoid gatherings. One person per vehicle, Zoning maintenance to keep separated.
I would describe the efforts to be more coordination for the campus reopening to the public. The new normal will drive new protocols for daily activities. While the campus is closed, we have more control of planned activities.
It depends on when students return, not sure at this time.
Bring everyone back next week.
To be determined.  Possibly still assign individuals to specific vehicles, PPE measure, social distancing, etc.
Continue social distancing, have assigned crews and have personnel wipe down highly touched surfaces frequently.  Stagger lunch breaks.
Continuing regular protocols.
We’re assuming we can maintain most levels of service. When school resumes we’ll supplement with student workers as we usually do.
We will slowly bring back the rest of the staff and will focus on getting campus clean, green and weed free as best we can.
Start from the season over from the beginning.
Immediate return to full staff when state allows but maintaining social distance practices
We will have a gradual phase in back to normal plan. We will increase our staff according to the season and need at that time.
Hopefully we will go back to normal if not we will still do the social distancing.
Get to 100% staffing per week ASAP, and focus on priorities.
Plans are to stagger work hours if necessary. Recognizing as a great part of our mission is to maintain the inviting appearance and conduct of being well kept, safe and conducive for a pleasant learning environment.
Not sure as budget discussions are underway.
We have not downsized during this time.  However, we will probably not be hiring summer workers, but will offer employment to other staff who were school year based non-essential workers.
As before we were sheltered in place we observe social distancing, increased hygiene, staggering shifts and reporting directly to work areas.
We intend to bring in up to 20 extra help grounds workers (June – Nov) to supplement our 37 FTE’s.
Hiring freeze in place at this time so there will not be any additional staff hires.
We will go back to supplementing our FTE with seasonal employees.
Still determining plans.
Currently communicating with outside vendors to bring in once a week to help close the gap. Also working with Director of Grounds on adjusting the team’s schedule.
Call in skeleton staff
We will all come in and get to work! Probably the week prior to the full return, supervisors and management will map out a plan of action for critical areas that need the most catching up and then primary areas that have been maintained, but need some detail work.
Our goal would be to get to the additional hires that are ready to start work but have not been able to due to the Universities hiring freeze.  That has been a struggle for us as we have already approved them for hire and they have been offered the jobs but we are not allowing them to start until we return to normalcy.  Therein lies the problem as I do not believe many people who thought they had a job but now have to wait several months to begin work will more than likely get out and find different jobs due to family needs.
Use of gloves and masks would be mandatory.
Unclear at this time.
Weed control pre and post will be our first task.
Business as usual.
Special help, given the circumstances, from operations/custodians who will be there as regular FTE, and hire some student workers.
All staff will report and all standard tasks will be performed.
Bring everyone back at the same time once cleared to do so.
Want to increase to full staff once the stay at home order expires. By nature, Grounds staff are socially distant.
Would like to phase in gradually and bring more staff back as needed. Waiting on leadership for direction.
Seasonal and on call staff reduction, seasonal color canceled, irrigation systems will not be started, turf program postponed, campus fountains remain winterized, and spraying more areas with PGR to eliminate more hand work.
Even though our landscaping & grounds crews are deemed essential, we are waiting for the state to lift the “shelter in place” order. Once that is lifted we will bring staff back.
Supplemental mowing crew with dinning services staff. Fortunately we do not sub-contract any maintenance yet.
One step at a time, it will take time to get the campus back to an acceptable level of maintenance, but once all staff is on board it will make things easier to stay on top of the grounds maintenance.
With the outside landscaping completed, we will have more time to devote to customer moves, requests, and internal and external projects.
No change.
Normal activities.
Impossible to say. No additional contractor support is being allowed on site for the foreseeable future. Things are moving very slowly.
Yet to be determined.
Hiring more student labor.
We will go back to working full days but we are concerned that we won’t be able to find temp employees to hire at that time.
Not going to have to ramp up.
Hoping to fill two vacant positions for which hiring has been delayed.
I would imagine it will be phased in based on the orders from the governor or president.  Start with the most pressing issues that face us.  Trash, graffiti, transient camps.  Then look at protecting the most vulnerable plant material.  This would be plant material that has not fully established yet or is highly exposed to the elements.  Pruning will only be done if there is a safety issue such as blocking a sign or clearance on a sidewalk.  Turf cultural practices will be reduced.  Aeration and over seeding will take a back seat and only be done in high viability and high use areas.  Mowing will stay reduced as well.
We are under a hiring freeze so we’ll see.
There will be no change, we are fully manned as of today.
Only in preparation for the school reopening in September.
Going back to full-time operation, probably add more student labor.
Currently we are still doing staff searches but not the traditional ways. We had already in place an online application process. The new change though is that now all interviews will be conducted by zoom. We will be working to catch up on all maintenance issues but will be working the full week and there will be overtime available if there is a priority to have the campus look its best.
Hire more contractors and student staff as required.
We are in the South.  We never really ramp down.
Slowly follow the guidance of the university, the state and federal recommendations.
We continue following CDC guidelines while maintaining the mowing of the campus.
Still keep social distance for a long time…. and start from the bottom in order to pick up from where we left off.
Hopefully, back to normal full staff and schedules.
Yes, unless force size changes as budgets change. Our plan is to return all employees to a regular schedule while practicing health safety.
Don’t have a plan in place.  We will have to see how long this lasts.
Our team continues to knock out projects around campus.
Staff at normal levels and get caught up on what was not done.
Don’t know if we will ramp up.
We are not at this point unless we get some grant money.
We will have to review the situation when that happens. With unemployment levels higher than normal, we are hoping to be able to fill all the vacant positions that we had prior to COVID-19.
We are maintaining a fully staffed approach and most of the staff is reporting and performing their normal duties.
Back to normal once the entire crew is back
Will most likely bring staff back on site but not hold group meetings for a while.  Will ask all staff to practice social distancing, wipe down tools and equipment, etc.  Will concentrate on basic maintenance to bring landscapes back to acceptable levels such as weeding, litter pickup, etc.  After that, we will try to install any seasonal displays as time allows and then defer any areas we don’t get to until the next season.
Hopefully we will have full staff back and all regular services.
Hopefully we’ll be able to hire our 6 vacant positions.  I will have conversations with the administrators about the expectations.  Things that may have slipped during this time (i.e. some edging, weed control, etc.) will take time and patience to get back under control.
Grounds will go back to normal ops as fast as it can but in the safest manner possible.
Bring all staff back to campus as soon as possible and return / catch up to normal operations.
Put full staff back to work.  Prioritize work and limit new projects.  No additional help.  Budget for new fiscal year will be very tight based on University actions during this pandemic.
Unknown.  Much will depend on the budget and overtime allowed as we are a state funded university.
Hoping to be able to fill open positions that we cannot fill due to closed campus to outside visitors and social distancing.
Go back to normal staffing.
We are waiting on more info but budget reductions seem imminent.  We would most likely limit seasonal support staff and offer a lower level of service for this growing season.
Hopefully same as before.
COVID-19 has not limited performing our work.
Need students and temp summer workers. With no large communities on campus the work is not as intense. No outside WORK REQUESTS or events prep.
Phase the crew back in over the 5 day rotation period.
We plan to go back to full staff each day. One challenge is hiring temp mowers for the summer.
It will include remedial work to recover those areas of the campus left without work, the combining of crews for short bursts to do this remedial work, and we are exploring automation to assist with some work where possible.
May have to supplement staff with contact services.
Contract services if required.
Bring the rest of our staff back and get at the trimming and mulching.
When all grounds employees return to campus 100%, focus will be on getting caught up with mowing and string-trimming, followed by gardening and tree work.
Will be based on budgets. We are expecting to maintain campus at a lower service level for this summer and possibly beyond.
Good question.
Just return to regular staffing.
It’s anticipated that there will be furloughs and dismissals commensurate with the losses in revenues and enrollment. It is anticipated that no ramp up will be possible and that we will be having to make due with even less staffing than present.
Insufficient information at this time to establish a viable plan.
No plans to do such a ramp up
Scale workforce appropriately.
Hire needed staff.
Not sure yet.
Resume contracted services.
We plan to get campus back into shape and have it ready for either summer semesters and or fall semesters.  Our goal is to have campus just as good or better when students return.
We will restore normal operations prior to and in time for the start of the Fall semester.
That will be tough to do with state budgets cuts projected.
We will be in a pretty good place, I did not allow the landscaping to deteriorate to the point that we could not get it back within a 30 day timeframe. Also in South Mississippi, turf growth slows markedly and we have installed 80 to 90% perennials and flowering shrubs rather than annuals so we do not have flower maintenance issues.
No change.
Return to normal services.
Transition back to full time; consider alternate schedules to increase social distancing; lean on contract assistance to supplement if required.
Currently, I think it is too early to tell.
This agency will continue to provide ongoing services; should the need for accentuated service come into play, the University will act accordingly to ensure standards are upheld.
Return to full force.
If all goes well, the entire crew will be back at work and it will be business as usual after some catch-up time
If necessary we will hire part time labor.
We will wait and follow procedures that are recommended by the governor or best practices established on other campuses.
Maintain current planting beds to control weeds, etc.
This is not in my purview, the landscaping is contracted.
Yes, we suspended some contract operations and anticipate resuming once things return to normal.
No change.
Bring staff members out of furlough.
Plans are being developed, due to me April 17.
Continue normal operations
Because of financial woes at both the state and University level, our services are being cut even further in staff and budget, and there is a strong impetus to consider outsourcing all of Facilities services at this time as well under the belief that there will be fiscal savings to be had.
No hiring, no seasonal, replacing open slots and no increased spending on contractor support.  It will take all year to catch up. We cut out all flower plantings and any other improvements.
We will catch up afterwards and come back up to standard after we return.
Back to normal staffing.
We are actively developing our recovery plan.
If we can find local students and or ask for volunteers (adopt a bed) to help we will move forward with plantings and bed maintenance.  OR, we will reduce the plantings and just try to keep the grass cut and police the grounds.
We have maintained our operations and will not need to ramp up services.  They were never ramped down.
Re-evaluate what is important and implement a new plan to address.
Once students are allowed back on campus we should be able to get the 4-6 part time workers we need.  Our full time staff has not been effected.
We hope to continue normal operations as long as possible and trust social distancing measures, sanitation, and the blessing of working outside will allow us to carry through to the lifting of shelter in place orders and a return to normal business.
Bring the staff back from working the split shift and working the same 7a/4p schedule.  Jump right back into our normal maintenance schedule.  Catch up on small projects that have been put on hold amidst our current situation.
Hope to go back to business as usual.
Back to normal with heightened hygiene and protection.
Depends on what the “new normal” is. We’ll likely reduce grounds services to save money, i.e. fewer plants in favor of just mowing.
Hire part time employees for the busy season.
We will work a full week once this is over.
We will not be ramping up any services.
Not known. It will depend on restrictions placed on staff by Governor and School President.
Return to normal scheduling but with different procedures for gathering areas.
We hope to keep up on standards so that there’s no lag requiring a ramp up. We work for a president who understands appearance of campus is high priority for recruitment. So have already started to plan for fall.   We are watching budgets as this plays out over next 4 1/2 months.
We are already staffed at 100% and are starting projects that normally would wait until summer in the hopes of getting more work done than in previous years.
Once University determines the COVID-19 issue has subsided we will be able to ramp up quickly.
As fast as the state allows us to bring in people.
I hope the university provides testing for all staff at some point, but we will maintain social distancing until we hear otherwise.
No change as we are currently maintaining normal operations with contractor.
Temporary help/staffing, hopefully new hires.
We hope to continue to increase our staff as long as we can remain within CDC guidelines. We will likely have other areas of FM help with weeding beds and trimming to jump start our recovery.
Hopefully we will be in a better place with grounds when this is over.
We’ll likely be already back to normal schedules before.
Hopefully rehire a full crew.
We will bring back 50%.  So move from 25% staffing to 50% staffing
We will then return to normal schedule and plans.
We will need to work in teams and go through landscape zones. Our current past practice was one grounds person per zone. But due to plant and weed growth the only way to catch up with be with a team effort to accomplish more.
Return to full staffing once the campus is allowed to be re-occupied.
Our plan is basically the same as just mentioned. To maintain what we can with our current staff; then hiring temporary summer help to get back to our level of acceptance.
All dependent on the financial implications; timing of students returning to campus, etc.
Bring back full crew and keep moving forward.  Continue with good communication.
Hopefully once this is behind us, we will return to business as usual to the extent we are able to as the rest of this years’ operating budget and next FY have already been significantly reduced.
It would be nice to find a way to always avoid hiring the 20+ temporary summer employees that we typically do in non-COVID-19 growing seasons.
Hire seasonal workers and fill empty staff positions. Go back to typical mowing schedules and more dangerous work assignments.
Maintain normal staffing and procedures.
Expect no changes.
Bring on our usual student labor force.
No change since no loss of workforce. Just bring everyone back.
Go back to full staff as soon as possible.
Return services to normal.
Catch up on maintenance & annual color installs in select locations. Be ready for fall semester. No issues.
Bring staff back to full levels and focus on detail services once grass growth slows down.  Summer months when school is out are already a lower service level for us.
Hire lots of students and try to catch up.
Deferring current landscaping until March, 2021.  Continue to onboard and fill four vacancies.
With anticipated budget shortfalls, services will be reduced and maintenance will be performed at a minimal expense.
We will continue following university guidelines regarding scheduling and hygienic protocol. I’m sure we will continue to adjust based on CDC guidelines. A gradual return was instructed. Basic functions will start. Closing winter items and equipment switch-over completed, start mowing.
Similar to how we’re handling conditions now with desire to fill permanent vacancies. We still budget for and use 8-10 hourly/temp positions from Apr/May through Sep/Oct with some students during the summer period.
Plan to increase staff hours on campus as permitted by campus administration and state.  Continue to provide PPE and social distancing requirements.
Maintain current staffing.
We are doing our regular work.  It’s actually easier now because there are no students and most of the staff is gone also.
We plan to return to full staffing levels when our Governor lifts the essential-only designation.  We will comply with guidelines as dictated by the state and CDC as appropriate.
We will maintain reduced staff, and resume full staffing when it is safe.
Proceed as usual.
Hopefully positions that are frozen will be released!
It is still too early to give a good assessment of this. It will largely depend on our hourly budget, and also on social distancing guidelines. If they remain we will have to continue to work separate shifts 6 days a week.
We will probably continue in a reduced schedule for some time to save money.
Safety is the most important part of any job, and individually I believe that folks will change regarding simple handshakes, washing of hands, touching of face, etc.
Normal for now.
Break department up into 3 small teams that report to individual locations to help social distancing.
We may have to bring in outside labor to get caught up. We will not be doing as much mulching and planting this year.
It depends if we outsource the planting bed maintenance.  If not outsourced, we will need to focus staff resources on addressing beds in a priority order (most publicly visible to least publicly visible).  Mowing will be regulated chemically with herbicide and growth regulators.
Just go back to full crew.  Will just go after any weeds in beds/turf.  Weed and clean free will be the main tasks until caught up with that.
We will be outsourcing some work.
Same as above. May use outside services if needed.
Continuing to advertise and keep posting on job board.
Discussions are taking place now.
Depending on timing, discussing options for focusing our attention to critical areas of campus and doing slightly less in the others.
We will only go back to regular compliment. We had an LTD position vacancy that will not be filled.
Exact date still to be determined.
Will resume regular operations. No additional staffing (even temporary).
Hopefully that will not be necessary but we may keep split shifts somehow to alleviate congestion at start and end times and at lunch times.
Will return to bed/shrub/tree maintenance and hardscape repair/replacement.
Bring back all employees, contractors and hire temp employees.
Will be the same as any other year.
Fill open positions. Exploring contract labor for assistance.
Student staff only.
We hope to gradually return to our FTE prior to this pandemic.
Go to full staff schedule.
We will be in a better position for taking care of those things we could not when the students were on campus.
We plan on having a reduced amount of staff report at any given time to perform essential functions as necessary.
Mix of outsourcing and in house people.
As quickly and safely as we can.  Likely staff working half time ASAP while maintaining social distancing and other COVID-19 CDC practices.
Not sure.
Back to a full staff plus outsourced personnel.
Likely will stay at about 60% until later in the summer.  Logistics/Labor support is also in our grounds department.  There will be no events or camps to support this summer, so we will work with a reduced staff until a few weeks prior to opening day.
Staff are already working.
The ramp up will depend on the needs of the university, timeline and physical distancing measures still in place.
Many projects will be delayed or cancelled for the year as we focus on basic services. Summer schedule on campus is still unclear – much of our work will depend on availability of summer help and summer conference schedule.
When employees are allowed back to work, focus will be on getting grounds back into shape. All positions are frozen… so we will have to work with the employees we have.
Until our state and campus start providing information on how the expectation of lifting or phasing returning to normal operations, it is not worth the time to develop the plan.
Will be here as usual.
We are prioritizing tasks.
Normally bring in prison labor to assist with the grounds maintenance.
Review the best and worst practices that emerged during this pandemic.
Welcome back staff who are currently on shelter in place, allow team members from other departments to assist with projects when able, utilize third party vendors, reset level of service agreements.
When we return to campus, the first order of business will be for building mechanics/trades personnel to supplement the grounds crew to quickly get the campus back in shape.
May look to supplement with third party.
Basically just slowly start increasing staff numbers until the entire staff is back to work at the same time continuing to follow as much social distancing and daily sanitizing efforts as possible.
We would bring our staff back gradually to 100%.
We are already ramping up, following CDC recommendations on distancing and other safety precautions. Will likely increase to full work week by mid-May.
We will observe the situation and make adjustments.  At this point, there will be a new normal, and we have no idea what that will be.
Hope to hire 2 new positions, to help expand the College’s compost program. But budget hardships associated with COVID-19 may complicate this plan.
Reorganization of staff schedules.
We will continue to support the “social-distancing”.  Our Grounds staff have large enough zones to work, independently.  If and when the shelter-in-place order gets lifted, it will be all hands on deck.  We are really behind in operations.
Use every day to focus on the worst areas until we catch up… maybe offer overtime at that point too.
Will adjust and try to do the bare minimum.
When permitted and if we have Fall classes staffing levels will return to normal size and we will continue with normal operations. Full ramp up will not occur until the shelter in place order is relieved.
Bring more people on for the same shifts, but vehicles are the limiting factor. Social distancing is easy when outdoors. Transportation to and from shops, campus and landscape areas is a challenge.
No plans to increase staff; we will perform the same work with our existing staff (tasks may take slightly longer to complete if we have fewer people, that’s all).
We have a two vendors already under contact for when we are allowed to go back to mowing to support our internal staff.
Need to wait on new guidelines from Governor’s office.
Right now not an issue, but plans for reduced staffing are prepared if directed to reduce to a minimum level.
Use the 5 temp workers.
Bring all staff to their normal schedule.
Return to normal operations and work loading.
This time also gives management time to re-evaluate operations and to create new operational tools to provide better management and execution of college priorities.  It also allows for online training.
Not planned yet.  Depends on timing and what seasonal activities are happening. Also, depends on what the expectations are on campus.  We have been setting lower expectations through the summer months, hoping to have a more normal appearance and feel come fall semester.
We do not have very many grounds workers, so we would be full staff.
There should be no change for us, as the current situation stands.
None, current levels adequate.
I do not believe we will be able to ramp up grounds/landscaping due to the budget issues I believe we are going to have to deal with. We have just been given a hiring freeze.
Hopefully we will stay on top of it so no plans at this time.
Full staff, seasonal help will be brought online.
No change.
No changes.
After this is over, go back to full strength and solider on.
Bring the contractors back to campus.
Supplement with contractors to meet changing standards.
Bring all staff back and hope there are still some students around campus that may be looking for work.  Perhaps explore hiring local high school graduates which we have never entertained in the past.
Pick up where we left off and hopefully be able to catch back up.
Hopefully will go back to normal operations as the summer session is on-line, basically gearing up for fall semester.
As we prove we can work with safe and healthy practices we will bring more staff more hours and return beautification and we’ll manicured turf into place.  Until then rough turf no beautification.
We will probably hire some temporary workers as well as work overtime in later July/August to get ready for Fall classes, alumni etc.
Back to full staffing daily.
I am not going to hire. We have all of the staff we need.
Normal return to work.
Our services are mostly done by students and contractors. Will work closely with our contractors.
Remote workers will return.
No current plans.
Without commencement this May our attention is focused to getting ready for the fall and helping to ensure full-enrollment.   Also planning if we should not meet full-enrollment budget restrictions.  Focused on keeping core campus as funded as possible, but giving up some outskirt expenditures to a later date.
We are already ramping up, so after COVID-19 it may look similar to it was. Just less ‘break room’ time. Encourage staff to take breaks away from the office
Return to 7 day mowing for campus, 2x/week for athletic fields, bi weekly trimming and completing non-essential projects.
We will refill positions to support athletic and rec sports events.
We have contractors on if needed to supplement.
Continue mowing and then catch up on work orders that have been ignored.
Seasonal help will be utilized when “safe” to do so.
No change.
Utilizing custodial/housekeeping staff to assist in the beginning stages of planting season prep.
Use healthy mix of staff and supplement with contractors, as needed.
We have scaled back on expectations.
We will have to do some cross training to bring over other staff to assist in “catch up” work (mowing, trimming, edging, etc.), with the increased staff we may stretch the work day from current hours 0630 – 1500 to 0630 – 1830 to utilize additional hours of sun for mowing.
Return to 100% work force in preparation of reopening the campus.
We will cancel the current on/off programming and return to all call status.
Many of the items that are being deferred will be handled when we get back to full staffing after COVID-19.
Return to normal services incrementally.
Not exactly sure.  When given on to return, might stagger shifts even further to keep staff apart.
I hope to ramp up.
Business as usual.
We’ll be lucky to not to have to cut some. No ramp up.
Continue as normal.
Return to normal operations asap.
Back to full services.
When normal operation resumes more additional work orders and projects will start up.
No change to services.
Social distancing by staging start times and working alone or no closer than 6′.
We don’t have a plan yet.
Don’t know.
Not sure.