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2023 Sustainability Leaders Impact Accelerator

Last year’s Impact Accelerator was an immersive, interactive virtual program comprised of the following elements:

● Interactive workshops and armchair conversations on cutting edge sustainability leadership topics
● Connecting activities that fostered meaningful connections with peers
● The Council on the Uncertain Human Future
● Breathing and grounding exercises to deepening our sense of purpose

These timely topics were explored in depth:

● Transformative Leadership Advancing the sustainability movement beyond incremental change – root cause analysis and leadership vision.
● Racial Justice & Healing Interconnections between truth, racial healing, transformation, and sustainability leadership in higher education.
● Change Management Change leadership skills to build buy-in, engage senior leaders, and create lasting systems for sustainable transformation.
● Activist Donors How to coordinate and manage activities when your program receives substantial additional funding and staff support from a donor that is keenly focused on the same mission as the sustainability office.
● Achieving Zero Carbon Designing zero emission energy master plans that bring together electrification, heat recovery, and optimization to drive change.
● Scope 3 Emissions What is the overall strategy and applicability of scope 3 emissions in a university setting are we measuring everything we should be measuring.
● Online Dashboards How to increase your program’s visibility & impact by sharing institutional progress via online dashboards.

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