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ACG Essential Webinal Series. “Commissioning Case Study of a Large Southern School District”

Raj Setty, PE, CxA, Setty
Jeffrey Michael, Setty
The seminar will outline the parameters for identifying, assessing, and implementing new air distribution design strategies in schools. In a case study with a large southern school district, a radical new air distribution functional performance test was undertaken for creating healthier spaces in the classroom environs. Comprehensive air testing utilized DNA tracers to detect how air is distributed, supplied and returned to main air handlers, identification of potential hot spots, verify ventilation and dilution and filtration effectiveness. Implementing controls automation with unique sequence of operations, our team captured ventilation effectiveness, cleaning procedures, capacity limits, and energy efficiency within school spaces. By analyzing the functional performance test results, the true real world effectiveness of the mitigation strategies was quantified
Learning Objectives:
Understand the importance of proper air distribution with the space and back to air handlers
Identify Opportunities to Improve IAQ in Schools
Understand the best sampling rates and test procedures using DNA based testing
Recognize steps for IAQ driven commissioning tests for existing buildings
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