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ACG Essential Webinar Series. “BIM: What Cx Providers Need to Know”

Darren Draper, PE, CxA, LEED AP
Ensuring Operations & Maintenance personnel can access equipment and components is crucial to long-term operational success. As such, a primary charge of Commissioning Providers is to look out for maintenance limitations for MEP systems in new construction. Finding access and coordination issues as early as possible provides the greatest value to our clients. Building Information Modeling (BIM), having become commonplace on most mid- and large-scale projects, provides an excellent opportunity for CxA’s to integrate into that process and provide feedback on issues of accessibility and maintainability.
Learning Objectives:
Receive an overview of the BIM process being deployed on many projects today
Understand the advantages of CxA involvement in the BIM process
Learn what things are helpful to look for and questions to ask during BIM reviews
Understand the value add in BIM process involvement and benefit to building owners

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