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America in Recovery: What Universities Need to Welcome Back Students

Institutions of higher education across the country are grappling with whether to resume in-person learning in the fall or continue online instruction. Universities and colleges need to find the right balance between the health and the educational needs of their students. Join us for a discussion on what issues university leaders are considering, including how to social distance in dorms, classrooms, and at sporting events as well as the critical role universities play as the financial center of their communities.

Featured Participants
* Dr. Walter Kimbrough ● President, Dillard University
* Dr. Raynard S. Kington ● President, Grinnell College
* Dr. Michael Rao ● President, Virginia Commonwealth University and VCU Health System
* Peter McDonough ● Vice President and General Counsel, Amerian Council on Education

Moderated by:
Michele Nellenbach ● Director, Strategic Initiatives, Bipartisan Policy Center

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