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APPA Town Hall – Shaping Space & Place to Enhance Connections & Build Community

As we position our institutions to pivot from the pandemic into a brighter future, how do we re-envision new and different ways to “intentionally” make our spaces and places memorable, meaningful, relatable, and enduring to enhance the student experience. A strong sense of place can arise naturally, but it can also be consciously, carefully cultivated.

Join our panelists in a discussion about the role of the facilities organization in fostering even greater community by further leveraging its sense of place.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn about the role of sense of place in building community.
  2. Participants will get an understanding of sense of place and its significance for educational institutions and student success.
  3. Participants will hear about opportunities that a new focus on sense of place creates.
  4. Participants will discuss space needs and requirements to meet changing student needs and expectations.

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