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APPA Town Hall: Impact of COVID-19 on Human Resources in Educational Facilities

As the global pandemic continues to bear down on us collectively, the workplace challenges facing educational facilities leaders and their employees are growing exponentially, just like the coronavirus that created them.  These challenges run the gamut:  legislative; regulatory, state and local compliance; leave laws; definition of “essential” employees; and remote work policies.

How can we provide some measure of stability and balance for and with our people amidst the growing fears and mounting pressures created by this unseen, insidious virus?  How do we provide needed structure and boundaries when the virus just exploded all that?  How do we support rather than judge our people?  And, by the way, when it comes to managing our people, there is no one right way or strategy.  Every institution and its associated organizational culture is different!

Join our panelists:  featured speaker – Andy Brantley, President & CEO of CUPA-HR, and two esteemed colleagues – Jenna Elmer, University of Arizona and Jaime Gayer, Indiana University, as they discuss these challenges and changes to the way we do work now and when we return to our respective institutions/schools.

The APPA Town Halls will take place each Friday throughout the COVID-19 crisis. A moderated panel will discuss approaches to managing the broader institutional response as well as the facilities-specific response information; share perspectives on emerging practices being employed; and, identify challenges both short- and long-term.

Andy Brantley, CUPA-HR
Jenna Elmer, University of Arizona
Jamie Gayer, Indiana University

Lander Medlin, APPA’s EVP

Please join us for this weekly webinar.  The sessions will run from 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern, and are recorded for future access.

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