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APPA Town Hall: Interpreting ‘Essential’ Construction Services during COVID-19: Precautions, Challenges, and Emerging Practices

The global pandemic continues to ravage the United States and elsewhere with unprecedented coronavirus cases and deaths continuing to rise exponentially.  New “Stay at Home” orders are affecting millions of U.S. and Canadian citizens and businesses.  What does that mean for “essential” services for construction/renovation infrastructure projects at educational facilities?

What is the U.S. Federal CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) policy statement?  How is your state and/or institution handling these services?  What challenges are you facing or expect in the not too distant future? 

Members have spoken, and we will share the latest data gleaned from two recent surveys: Joint Construction Owners survey (in collaboration with COAA & NASFA) and APPA’s FM Services & Construction survey.  Better yet, join our three panelists from both educational facilities and the global business sector as they discuss the unique nature of these “essential” services, their definitions and associated implementation challenges.  The detailed survey data and information from our panelists will facilitate the positive provision of construction services during this pandemic crisis and our recovery thereafter. 

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