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APPA Webinar: APPA Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities Maintenance 3rd Edition

APPA recently released the 3rd edition of Operational Guidelines: Maintenance. It contains several new chapters focused on sustainability, reliability, and project turn-over. In addition, it provides updates to staffing recommendations and other essential elements of a facility maintenance organization. The update utilizes APPA’s FPI and provides some essential information for readers to leverage the FPI for both campus-wide and individual building improvements. Finally, the update references the new ISO standards for facility management that may be applied for continuous improvement. This session will focus on leveraging the guidelines and developing an overall improvement plan for your organization.

Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the updates to the Operational Guidelines: Maintenance
2. Apply the recommendations found in the guideline for a campus operation
3. Translate the recommendations to campus benefits
4. Measure and project the potential outcomes based on funding and staffing provided

Presenters: Ted Weidner, Ph.D., PE, RA, CEFP, Purdue University, and Tom Becker, P.E., CEFP, APPA Fellow & Member Emeritus

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