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APPA Webinar: How IoT Technology Empowers Data-Driven Decisions

In today’s campus environment institutions are tasked to do more with less to meet student demands, offset declined enrollment, and navigate labor challenges. Data-driven intelligence informs when, where and how to reallocate resources as needed, powered by an IoT sensor network. Discover how combining building intelligence with operational expertise enables predictive planning, increases student satisfaction, drives efficiencies, and improves labor productivity with resources you already have.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Enhance your service delivery with IoT tech and real-time data
  2. Understand the benefits of a Demand-Driven cleaning model
  3. Empower condition-based maintenance to continuously monitor and preserve assets
  4. Improve outcomes in student and employee experience

Matt Judge, Senior Director, Facilities Program Management, Aramark
Katie Boyle, AIWX Program Director, Aramark

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