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APPA Webinar: Creating a Ventilation Strategy to Meet Carbon Reduction and Healthy IAQ Goals

Higher Education faces unique and rapidly evolving challenges today. These include managing tighter budgets, increased pressure towards carbon neutrality, adhering to new indoor air quality standards and all while addressing deferred maintenance. So, how can universities accomplish all of this, and enjoy healthier indoor environments? A data driven, sustainable, and healthy ventilation strategy. This webinar will explain how to first prioritize buildings across campus for carbon reduction and IAQ (indoor air quality) improvements, and then demonstrate how to fund the projects through operational and energy savings in certain critical spaces across campus. Then hear from Utah State University on their strategy, energy conservation measure (ECM) evaluation process, and results to date.

Participants will see real life examples of using data provided though a ventilation optimization platform to continually measure, manage and communicate in all buildings across campus.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how to prioritize buildings for carbon reduction and IAQ improvement
2. Using operational savings to help fund projects along with other procurement options for low or no capital outlay
3. Understand the benefits as shown through universities currently using this strategy
4. Learn how to use IAQ data to ensure other healthy ventilation measures are working and provide measurable progress towards sustainability goals

Dan Diehl, CEO of Aircuity
Zachary Cook, Utilities Senior Energy Manager, Utah State University

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