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APPA Webinar: Design for Disassembly Virtual Tour

Manufactured construction supports customized prefabricated solutions for interior spaces. It’s innately sustainable and Designed for Disassembly. The key is technology. Real-time, interactive 3D software integrates with CAD, Revit, and manufacturing software, bridging the gap between the client design team and the manufacturer. This results in high-performance interiors that keep their value over time. Especially suited to projects where cost, quality and schedule certainty are of the essence.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the innate sustainability and adaptability that comes with Designing for Disassembly and manufactured construction
2. Measure environmental sustainability and explore the health/safety/welfare benefits for construction trades and occupants
3. Realize the benefits of technology
4. Explore best practices for getting best outcomes (price, quality, speed) for this method of construction driven manufactured construction compared to conventional construction and modular manufacturing

Presenters: Heather Morgan, Education Specialist, DIRTT Environmental Solutions
Calgary Tour Team: David Brown, Brett Allen, Mick Berry and Ryan McNaughton

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