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APPA Webinar: Designing for Human Behavior

This course discusses the different behavior and work patterns we have observed over our 30+ years of designing for public spaces as well as some of the best solutions for addressing those patterns. Designing for human behavior looks at the odd behaviors we humans exhibit when we are around unfamiliar people and in a strange place. The limbic system in our brains plays a strong role in the idiosyncratic and repetitive behavior patterns we see in public spaces. To maximize the effectiveness of public spaces and achieve the desired function, we must design with these behavioral patterns in mind.

Learning Objectives:
Create an understanding of Human behavior in the context of high volume public spaces.
Display the unique and varying ways humans interact with furniture and space in public settings.
Describe the work and usage patterns that typically emerge in public spaces.
Show what furniture and design concepts best address how people behave in public spaces.

Presenter: Joe Agati, Director of Design/COO, Agati, Inc.

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