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APPA Webinar: Energy Information System – That Pays for Itself

Higher education campuses have complex energy and utility systems. Most have one or more central utility plants and often a co-generation or combined heat and power system to produce electricity. In addition to managing utility bills from external utility providers, higher education campuses have to manage internal utility metering infrastructure for energy distribution. Additionally, due to multiple funding profiles, who pays for what increases the complexity of energy accounting, including generating invoices for internal campus customers. Most institutions solve this challenge with a mix of existing facilities solutions or custom spreadsheets that are not designed for energy information management. This results in tedious, error-prone, difficult to manage, and time-consuming workflows. A true energy information system would simplify these workflows and reduce errors and time associated with managing the data. So much so that the system may pay for itself by saving the time taken to capture, visualize, share and analyze this information. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the complex nature of energy management on higher education campuses
  • Share best practices for data capture, visualization, sharing and analysis of energy information
  • Leverage energy information to drive campus sustainability goals.

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