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APPA Webinar: Holistic Design: How to Recognize Sustainable Practice from Greenwashing

One of the most complicated aspects of today’s design and construction environment is the sustainability movement. Today’s construction has become a complex arena. Colleges and universities are looking for a competitive edge to attract students. Contractors are seeking ways to improve services. Manufacturers are eyeing how to get a leg up on the competition. Finally, architects and engineers are designing in an ever-changing landscape. Since the ’80s, the desire to build a more sustainable design environment has moved into the forefront of the campus construction environment.

Learning Objectives: 1. Understand the embodied energy that goes into creating materials and how it impacts the built environment.
2. Discuss the impact of energy policy on college and universities and where that policy is leading us.
3. Review how technology, political policy, and energy prices have impacted the history of sustainability.
4. Learn how to question and create a campus that provides healthy spaces to help attract students and provide a greater return on investment than the average structures we live and work in today.

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