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APPA Webinar – KIPP Schools & The Digital Twin: Time to Start Using Your Big Data

A digital twin case study from both an Owner’s perspective, KIPP schools, and digital twin operator, Syyclops.
Buildings have four data streams: physical, cutsheets, controls, staff. Digital Twins eliminate the silos of data streams. As the streams become correlated, clear decisions and effective management tools for building operations and finances become available.
For building business continuity, we must move from a system of record to a system of insight. We will explore how the cutting edge world of digital twins and their ability to consolidate the disparate data streams will optimize our building operations and keep us relevant.

Learning Objectives:
1) Provide an overview of a digital twin and its place in building operations
2) Describe the data mapping process and the process of the data lift into the digital twin
3) Define the process of setting up and maintaining a digital twin
4) Provide a process description of how the data streams become correlated into a simple user interface

Additional Learning Information:

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