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APPA Webinar – Preventive & Deferred Maintenance Reality Check – How Accurate is Your Equipment Inventory?

Few groups need instant access to building information more urgently than the maintenance and safety/security teams responsible for delivering outstanding occupant experiences and keeping your facilities up and running safely. College and university buildings and campuses are constantly changing, so maintenance teams chase a moving target trying to locate equipment and shutoffs in the field causing delayed or deferred maintenance.

Teams struggle to identify and document these changes and often are relying on veteran team members’ memories. Unfortunately, when long-time employees retire, facility information walks out the door with them. Let’s face it, your team is always on the move, and they are not tied to a desk. If your team is not able to locate field-verified equipment on your campus while on the run, they are simply wasting time that could be spent doing productive things like filling work orders and doing preventative maintenance.

It’s easier than you think to effectively inventory equipment by type, location, make, model, and serial number and even condition. All from something every one of them has in their pocket right now…a phone.

Presenter: David Trask, National Director, ARC Facilities

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