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APPA Webinar – Accelerate Your School Facility Emergency Game Plan Proactive Readiness for Facility Teams

How prepared are you for an emergency? While many facilities have some sort of a plan, they’re often scattered or in a binder on the shelf. What good are emergency plans when they’re not WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES? When every second counts, you need building and emergency plans available on your mobile device.

Learning Objectives: We’ll have a panel discussion with the Chief of School Operations from Middletown School District and participants will learn:

1. How to foster strong relationships with police, fire departments and first responders by sharing important building information
2. How to prepare students, teachers and staff for emergencies by conducting timely and meaningful drills
3. How to be more confident and responsive in emergency situations because there is less reliance on just one person’s building knowledge
4. How to migrate decades of documents like manuals and emergency plans to mobile devices, eliminating time-intensive document searches in plan rooms.

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