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APPA Webinar: Developing a Utility Water Management Program (UWMP) to Optimize Costs, Improve Safety and Reduce Water, Chemical and Energy Usage

This session will describe the need for and importance of developing a Utility Water Management Program including how critical it is to achieving your campus sustainability goals.  It will explain a simple 7-step process for describing and analyzing your utility water systems for efficiency and safety opportunities and then how to monitor and control those systems.  It will then demonstrate how to implement the program and document success over time via an ongoing process of verification and validation.  The cost of purchasing, heating, cooling, treating, and disposing of campus water is a significant portion of any campus budget.  A well-run Utility Water Management Program will more than pay for itself over time!

Learning Objectives:

1.  Describe the need for and importance of developing a Utility Water Management Program.
2.  Explain the 7-step process for developing a campus Utility Water Management Program.
3.  Demonstrate why the Program must include plant operators, maintenance staff and maintenance and water treatment vendors.
4.  Discuss why independent verification and validation strategies are needed in order to keep the Utilities Water Management Program on track.

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