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APPA Webinar – Unified Security Approach for Education

Description: Threats to both K12 school and campus safety are real and are growing in complexity. No education campus is secure using only one product, technology or methodology. A holistic, unified approach should be applied when protecting your students, faculty and staff. However, integrating diverse systems can be challenging. Learn how the latest in security technologies can increase situation awareness, enable faster response time, and provide intelligent insights for a safer, smarter learning environment.

4 learning objectives:
1. Learn what is a unified security solution and how it aligns the latest recommendations from key security associations
2. Understand the benefits of adopting a unified approach to your school or campus security plan
3. Learn how integrations with gunshot detection systems, suspect follower, and surveillance systems can improve situational awareness and improve response to threats
4. Understand best practices, approaches from peer organizations, and how to get started on unifying your security solution at your school, district or campus

Presenter: David Stolerow, Siemens, Inc.

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