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BCxA Keynote Address: Buildings & Transformation Through and Beyond COVID19

Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg is a figure to be reckoned with. Brilliance, enthusiasm, humility and a passion for building science are combined into his work with integrated teams of microbiolists, chemists, mechanical and electrical engineers, commissioning providers, architects and others in the building community who are working toward a safe and healthy built environment, energy efficiency and the reversal of climate change.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America about tools for reopening buildings, Kevin said, “New technology is an important piece of reopening more safely, and I think what Amazon is doing with the Distance Assistant is a really nice example of it. Behavior change is really difficult to overcome and to accomplish, and so anything that we can do with visual cues or other inputs to help make change and make it more meaningful for people I think is really important.”

Beyond his current professional roles (Professor of Architecture at the University of Oregon, founder of the Institute for Health in the Built Environment, and Director of the Biology and the Built Environment Center and Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory), Kevin believes we have the opportunity to create a life of abundance, and both save the planet and enjoy the world we live in.

Dr. Van Den Wymelenberg’s opening keynote presentation at the Building Commissioning Association conference, Buildings & Transformation Through and Beyond COVID19, is based on his research leading a team based at the University of Oregon and University of California-Davis.

Join us on Monday, July 27th at 1:00pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern) for the BCxA Annual Conference Opening Plenary. Dan Forino, BCxA President will provide the Opening Address. Liz Fischer BCxA Executive Director will present the 2020 Benner Award and BCxA President’s Award, followed by the live, interactive presentation by Dr. Van Den Wymelenberg. The Virtual Opening is FREE.

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