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Deadline: APPA Call for Webinar Topics for 2022

APPA invites you to submit a proposal for programs presenting solutions for improvement, sharing of continuous improvement strategies, or innovative approaches relevant to educational facilities professionals for the 2022 webinar weekly series. When submitting proposals the following items are required:
* Title Short description describing the content. Each presentation should be 45-50 minutes long.
* Four learning objectives (what will the attendee take away from the session).
* Case studies relevant to educational facilities (if available).

Benefits of APPA Webinars:
* Each presentation is allowed 3-5 minutes to promote the company and/or product being discussed during the presentation.
* APPA will submit the presentation to AIA for approval for continuing education credits and will report attendance to AIA for attendees with AIA credentials.
* After the presentation a full registration report and a report with all the questions asked during the Q&A session.
* APPA will provide a mp4 file of the presentation for use by the presenter.
* APPA webinars have an average 72-85% attendance rate.
2022 webinar proposal submissions should be submitted to Billie Zidek by midnight (ET) on November 15, 2021.

Selection and schedule will be developed in December for the webinar series starting in late February 2022.  Click here to submit your webinar proposal.

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