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CEFP Online Credentialing Course – Cohort Group A11 Begins

The APPA Online CEFP (Certified Educational Facilities Professional) Certification Course is also known as the Customized Interactive Learning Platform, or CIL Platform for short. It is a 90-day (13-week) online course designed to help you prepare for the CEFP examination with peers across APPA’s 6 regions.

The CIL Platform is a live and private web event with peers and a qualified CEFP facilitator. Upon enrolling in the CIL Platform,  you will select a Cohort Group to join with 4 predetermined live webinars scheduled during the 90-day course.

You will have access to the study material once you enroll in the course.  Ready to begin?  Enroll now in the CEFP CIL platform!

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