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Chase Center Arena & Mixed-Use Development: High Performance Design at Mission Bay

The ambitious Chase Center Arena and Mixed-Use Development Project in San Francisco required an interactive and collaborative design process to achieve the building performance and sustainability goals of the owner, the Golden State Warriors organization. Energy modeling was critical to achieving compliance with local codes, LEED Gold certification, and earned incentives through the Savings By Design program. This presentation will provide perspectives from the owner and design team as to how the project goals were achieved.

Learning Objectives: (1) Describe the overall sustainability and energy performance goals of this project; (2) Explain how climate and energy analysis was used to identify applicable and cost-effective design solutions; (3) Show how energy modeling was used to demonstrate compliance with codes, LEED, and Savings By Design; (4) Learn from on Owner’s perspective on the high performance design of a world-class event center.

This event is part of the ACG Essential Cx Webinar Series presented by SSRCx colleagues Clark Denson, PE, CEM, BEMP, and Eric Sheffer.

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