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College Enrollment and Access in the Age of Crisis

After scrambling to bring in a new class of students during a pandemic and a recession, colleges are now contemplating the longer-term implications for enrollment and access. They are simultaneously adjusting admissions requirements, moving deadlines, re-examining forecasts, and budgeting for different scenarios, while responding to the impact of all this disruption on both students’ and staff members’ daily lives.

As we look toward the fall, many people responsible for enrollment are wondering:
– What will signal success in this unpredictable environment?
– For the next round of applicants, what will it take to redefine outreach in virtual terms and tell the story of institutions in new ways?
– What will it mean to provide meaningful access during the 2020-21 admissions cycle and beyond?

In this virtual discussion, hosted by Chronicle senior writer Eric Hoover, a panel of national experts will explore college enrollment and access in an age of disruption. The conversation will examine lessons from a tumultuous spring to help institutions navigate the challenges of virtual communication, the complex student-aid picture, and shifts in admissions criteria.

Speakers include:
– Quinton Clay, Director of Admissions, Northern Illinois University
– Tara Miller, Director of the College & Career Center, Stephen F. Austin High School
– Andrew Palumbo, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
– Kasey Urquidez, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Arizona

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