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Combined Heat and Power in the Energy Transition

The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) market is changing quickly. 90% of the CHP systems installed since 2020 provide resilient power and heating/cooling to commercial buildings and critical infrastructure facilities in a cost-effective way. Clean fuels, synergies with renewable energy technologies, and incentives position CHP (also called cogeneration) as an essential contributor to the energy transition. This webinar will present how federal buildings and critical infrastructure can benefit from the deployment of clean energy technologies and the technical assistance provided at no cost by the Department of Energy.


Carlos Gamarra is Senior Research Scientist for Clean Energy Technology at the Houston Advanced Research Center and Assistant Director of the US DOE’s Southcentral CHP TAP. His research focus is on energy technology applications with decarbonization and resilience goals at the community level.  [email protected]

Gavin Dillingham is Vice President of Research and leads HARC’s Energy and Air teams. In this role, he also serves as Director of the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Southcentral and Upper West Combined Heat and Power TAP. Dr. Dillingham joined HARC in 2012 where he leads multi-stakeholder efforts focusing on policy and programs to improve the climate resilience of power infrastructure and built environment and to help usher in the energy transition via a variety of clean energy initiatives.  [email protected]

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