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CxEnergy 2023 TAB & Cx Seminar Program: A Tale of Two Fume Hoods

Blake Stutts, TBE, CxA, Energy Testing & Balance, Inc.
116 hoods designed for 75 FPM face velocity. Floor-mount hoods are mechanically sized for requirements of a vertical sash type floor-mount BOD (terminal device, airflow, ductwork). Actual of two of these floor-mount hoods are horizontal sash, 72″ at the height and 40″ wide. Design airflow could not maintain 75 FPM with the large opening. Research found not only is manufacturer design 100 FPM at 700 CFM more than design, the BOD in the lab equipment schedule (B drawings) mis-labeled these two hoods with criteria for vertical-sash type. Ductwork, device, and lab performance limitation challenges overlapped to provide safe hood operation.

Learning objectives:

Review of equipment design and integration with OPR and intent.
Comprehensive communication between field, design, and owner team members.
Understanding and acknowledging all equipment limitations when modifying integrated and installed lab equipment.
Ensuring an intuitive and functional laboratory with consideration to Safety, Pressure, and Temperature control. (In that order).

Technical presentation will be approved for the following CEUs: AIA (LU), USGBC LEED General Education CE, CxA, EMP CE, and AABC (TBE & TBT) CE.

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