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CxEnergy 2023 TAB & Cx Seminar Program; Air Density and its Effects on Building Pressure

Paul Hoitink, Air Movement Services Ltd.
Exploring the science behind air density. How air density and temperature interact with one another. Showing and providing real life examples of how air density can cause building pressure problems if not taken into account. Explain our methods to mitigate these issues through air balancing to insure this problem doesn’t have an effect on building pressure.

Learning objectives:

Understanding the science behind temperature and density
Learn methods of determining what is causing a building pressure problem.
Identify when density may be the cause of building pressure problems.
Methods of balancing to correct pressure problems caused by density.

Technical presentation will be approved for the following CEUs: AIA (LU), USGBC LEED General Education CE, CxA, EMP CE, and AABC (TBE & TBT) CE.

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