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CxEnergy 2023 TAB & Cx Seminar Program: Commissioning and Balancing Small Tonnage rooftops less than 25 Tons

Ron Ballard, American Testing, Inc.
The objective of the presentation is to identify the different types of unit configurations of RTU’s and the procedures for configuring and testing these RTU’s. Provide (3) case studies from different manufacturers and show procedures and results from testing of these units.

Identifying configurations of Rtu’s (unit type, fan type, economizer control components, unit control components, display configuration if in place.
Configuring units for testing and commissioning,
Procedures for testing and commissioning of units.
Discuss resources available for support from manufacturers for testing.

Technical presentations will be approved for the following CEUs: AIA (LU), USGBC LEED General Education CE, CxA, EMP CE, and AABC (TBE & TBT) CE.

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