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CxEnergy 2023 TAB & Cx Seminar Program: Healthcare Facility Compliance 2.0

Brian Venn, TBE, CxA, Mechanical Testing, Inc.
Cody Shook, PE, TBE, CxA, Precision Flow Engineering
Jeremy Johnson, TBE, CxA, American Testing, Inc.
Hospitals, surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities are unique in that they may require the services of a AABC TAB agency throughout the life of the building. Keeping a AABC TAB firm on retainer helps these institutions be proactive when preparing for inspections and staying ahead of ever changing and more stringent compliance standards for their critical spaces.

Learning objectives:

Establishing a relationship with the owner before, during, and after construction.
Going above and beyond the typical TAB specification when it comes to healthcare facilities.
Demonstrate how AABC independence and AABC standards are used to achieve the most sustainable and problem-free HVAC environment for owners
Discuss the importance of the TAB/Controls relationship and how important it is for TAB to have the proper access to the full building automation system (BAS) to give the owner a properly balanced building
Know what is important when creating final reports for critical space compliance and the best ways to summarize and represent this data

Technical presentations will be approved for the following CEUs: AIA (LU), USGBC LEED General Education CE, CxA, EMP CE, and AABC (TBE & TBT) CE.

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