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Deadline: APPA’s FPI Survey Data

Surveys due by midnight Eastern, Friday, January 17, 2020

Measuring and monitoring performance identifies problems, informs the planning of future activities, and identifies areas of excellence to be celebrated. Performance metrics are most useful when they align with operational and institutional goals. Metrics should focus on a handful of key metrics as opposed to dozens of unrelated data points.

Hundreds of educational institutions are realizing the benefits of APPA’s Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) measurement services. FPI empowers the educational facilities professional with the vital data, statistical references, and reporting tools needed to measure operations and performance, identify capital asset realities, and lead a successful facilities strategy that supports the institution’s Mission and Vision.

What will the FPI Survey and Report do for you and your institution?

  • Make the Business Case for Your Facilities Needs
  • Successfully Address Capital Asset Realities
  • Create a Balanced Performance Score Card Based on Critical Data Findings
  • Compare and Contrast Your Facilities Operations with Other Institutions
  • Align Facilities Planning with Your Institution’s Mission and Vision

To access and complete the 2018-19 FPI Survey, go to

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