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Deadline: APPA’s FPI 2.0 Survey

APPA’s 2019-20 Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) survey is open and ready to collect your facilities-related data.  The streamlined survey showcases the new look and feel of FPI 2.0 and will allow our FPI participants much greater ease of data entry.

Assess… Measure…Then Lead With Your FPI 2.0 Strategy for Success

Measuring and monitoring performance identifies problems, informs the planning of future activities, and identifies areas of excellence to be celebrated. Performance metrics are most useful when they align with operational and institutional goals. Metrics should focus on a handful of key metrics as opposed to dozens of unrelated data points.

The deadline for FPI survey responses is June 30, 2021.  If you have any questions regarding the FPI survey or wish to register to participant in the survey, contact Christina Hills at [email protected].

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