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Energy Management Professional (EMP) Virtual Seminar

Virtual EMP Seminar

This two-day, six-hour course provides an overview and refresher on energy management; discussing various services, deliverables and strategies associated with the energy market today. Various energy management strategies are discussed, including: development of an energy ‘roadmap’, resiliency planning, evaluating utility bills, establishing building energy baselines and various performance metrics, and developing facility benchmarks.

The program will also examine industry-accepted practices and processes for energy audits (Levels 1 through 3). Attendees will learn how to systematically assess their facilities, identifying various energy-saving opportunities (conservation measures); then analyze them economically and rank / prioritize them based upon varying criteria.

Finally, strategies regarding budgeting and implementing energy-saving projects will be discussed; verifying their performance, and developing an ongoing commissioning program, through continuous monitoring strategies and preventative / predictive maintenance, to ensure a ‘persistence of savings’. Sample problems and common calculations will be demonstrated throughout the workshop. (This session is NOT intended to directly address exam content.)

The total cost to attend is $550, which also covers application and exam fees. Companies who have staff member successfully pass the Energy Management Professionals exam are invited to join as EMA Corporate Members.

After the seminar, candidates with approved applications are sent instructions on how to schedule an exam at one of 900 local testing centers. This seminar is also available to non-candidates for education purposes.

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